Surin Beach Phuket

If you’re looking for a great place to watch the sunset then I’d recommend Surin Beach Phuket as one of the most beautiful and natural spots on the island. Apparently, in the past this was a super active beach with many bars, restaurants and clubs but gone are those days as it’s now one of the chillest beaches around. Surin offers a long and beautiful strech of sand with both great for tanning but also provides a covered palm tree grove area as well.

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Having lived in Phuket for 2 years I frequented this beach pretty regularly, at least 1-2 times a month, sometimes more depending on how many people I was hosting.  I used to host people all the time from all over the world from the couchsuring community and look forward to life getting back to normal so I can do it again here in Bangkok where I live now.

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Our recent visit left the beach even more uninhabited than usual due to the onging covid situation leaving literally no tourists in sight. Now as you can see in the picture below, swimming and surfing in this area can be dangerous and people are recommended to exercise extreme caution. I can’t say how many times I saw the local news report about another drowned tourist but please be careful.

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This palm tree groves makes for an excellent spot to throw up a hammock and lounge around for a few hours while enjoying the sounds of the waves.  The quality of the water and sand heres also make it one of the most beautiful swimming spots on the island.

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Swimming here is recommended during high season as the water will be more calm and clear from December to April as compared to the stormier monsoon season during low season.

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Nowadays, you won’t find much around other than a single restaurant and some street vedors along the road to the palm tree grove. But if you’re in the mood for some Som Tum, coconut, or beverages you can count on a couple local thais around selling them.

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Romantic Surin Beach in Phuket

This makes for a romantic beach to visit for couples regardless of your sexual preference I think everyone can enjoy this lovely beach together. That being said, bring some towels or those fold up Thai beach mats, you can get them at any 30 baht shop.

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Have yourself a picnic and chil time swinging around from the palm trees or wading through warm waves in the Andaman Sea. Surin Beach is in my top 3 favorite beaches in Phuket, not only for its beauty but also for all the fond memories I’ve made there.

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I can always count on beaches like Suring or Freedom beach to have a good time of show first timers around somewhere which never disappoints. For these reasons and many others, I definitely recommend Surin Beach for family, friends, lovers, retirees or anyone else for that matter.


Places to Stay Around Surin Beach

Some of the most attractive resorts in the area include Twinpalms ResortThe Surin, Ayara Resort and of course the Amanpuri.  It’s very popular year-round, though swimmers must take note of strong currents that often come during the low season as I mentioned above.

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Surin Beach Phuket Thailand

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