Visiting Bondi Beach in Sydney

If you’re Visiting Bondi Beach in Sydney then make sure to check out some surfing, enjoy viewing cool street art, whale watching and great food. Bondi Beach is Sydney’s most famous stretch of sand with epic waves and killer views it has become one of the world’s most popular beach destinations. It can be enjoyed year-round, even during winter which is when we went, there were still plenty of people surfing and enjoying the sunny weather.

It’s easy to spend an entire day here relaxing by the beach, enjoy a picnic, go for a job or catch some waves before happy hour. You’ll find public showers on the beach to wash off the salt after a swim in the ocean. Enjoy the views along the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk.

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You can also capture some pretty amazing views from either side of the beach due to the large protruding sandstone cliffs. You can walk up either side for nice panoramic views and also maybe even catch a glimpse of a whale breaching.

Bondi BeachBondi Beach is just 30 minutes from Town Hall Station by train and bus and offers visitors insights into Australia’s easy-going beach culture. Another attraction for the area is the wide selection of fashionable beach and swimwear by local Australian and international designers.

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Bondi Beach Street Art

Sydney is embracing the growing popularity of street art where many murals have been painted adding a splash of color and complexity to the once bare beach walls.

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Even complete novices can learn to surf at one of the accredited surf schools located here. If you’re interested in learning or even just watching then head down to the south side near the beaches end where most people are boarding.

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Eating out is one of the attractions at Bondi and enjoys the weekend market on Sundays. Whether you’re here to have fun and looking for some pubs and pints or award-winning restaurants, Bondi has it all

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Mackenzie Point

Mackenzie Point Sydney

MacKenzies is located in a small tuck in the rocks on the south side of Mackenzies Point and is popular with fishers, sunbathers, and whale watchers but is not recommended for swimming.

Sydney Point Mackenzie

Bring a pair of binoculars if you wanna catch some whales in the distance as they’re a common occurrence year-round.

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Visiting Bondi Beach

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