My Nomadic Travel Blog Videos is dedicated to sharing tips and stories about my travel experiences visiting different destinations around the world. My goal is to help show places people may have never seen before, share tips I learn about places I’ve visited, and continuing growing as an individual on this planet of our. I get so excited to share my blog posts with my family or friends and even travelers who go to places I’ve already been so I can let them know about some fun things to do or some not so fun things to do. Being a part of the global travel community is particularly important to me because it marked a significant changing point for me in my life.

The Nomadic Travel Blog is more than just a place to put some pictures, it’s a place I can share my experiences and relive my memories. Being part of the global travel community has allowed me to grow in so many ways and I highly recommend traveling to anyone who needs a break from life, needs to gain some perspective or find a purpose on life. Traveling has opened so many doors for me and is a stark contrast to the life I was living before back in the United States of America where most people don’t travel. Most people where I’m from don’t ever leave their home town let alone the country, except for maybe Mexico or Canada, our closest neighbors.

This hasn’t been an easy lifestyle change as I have literally gone against the established status quo to live a life with more freedom. I can say that I am happier than I have ever been and I look forward to sharing more adventures and memories with you. Please let me know if you have any questions and Thanks for following along and viewing my Nomadic Travel Blog Videos!

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