Blue Mountains Day Trip

Located just 3 hours outside of Sydney are some pretty amazing outdoor attractions conveniently located in the beautiful blue mountains region of New South Wales. If you wanna make a day of it and see my top three recommendations locations then you’ll wanna make sure and wear some walking or hiking shoes. If you’re beginning your Blue Mountains day trip in the city of  Sydney as we did then you’ll need to take a 2-hour train to Bodington Hill. From here, you can walk to Lincoln’s rock, then only 1.7km to the North is Wentworth Falls which you can walk to in about 30 minutes. After that, I would recommend heading to the station at Wentworth Falls and take it to Katoomba to see the Three Sisters.

There’s plenty to see in the Historic and National World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, from sightseeing, hiking and mountain biking there’s no shortage of iconic lookouts. If you’re visiting NSW then I highly recommend checking out some of these spots along the way. home of the famous Three Sisters in Katoomba.

Lincoln’s Rock

You’ll want to get of at the Bodington Hill station to get to Lincoln’s Rock and then either walk, bike or uber the rest of the way there. This incredible lookout was named after an Australian Mountaineer named Lincoln Hall whom had lived in nearby Wentworth Falls.

Lincolns Rock Overlooking the Kings Table in Australia

Prior to the name officially being dedicated to being ‘Lincoln’s Rock’, it was also known as Flat Rock, Wedding Rock, and Honeymoon Rock. The name Flat Rock is due to the rocks large flat appearance and it also makes for phenomenal wedding or honeymoon photos.

Wentworth Falls

This stunning waterfall will take a couple of hours to hike down and back but is well worth the time and effort it takes to reach it. If you’re planning on making it all the way to the bottom of the canyon to the base of the waterfall then I would recommend preparing with adequate hiking shoes and snacks as it’s a rather steep and strenuous hike.

Wentworth Falls blue mountains day trip

There are plenty of amazing stops and viewpoints to take breaks and enjoy the beautiful outdoor views the Blue Mountains have to offer. The natural grandeur of the falls makes for postcard-worthy pictures and great hiking experience. Reach the base to enjoy superb views of Wentworth Falls cascading to the valley floor before making the 1.5k hike back up to the top!

Wentworth Falls hike to base nomadic travelThe Three Sisters

After a long day and plenty of hiking, we made it to the Three Sisters viewpoint, which pales in comparison to the Three Sisters Mountains in Oregon where I’m from but is still an extremely popular place in its own right. The spectacularly weathered sandstone cliffs of the Blue Mountains in this area are the result of more than 50 million years off wind and rain. This rugged landscape around the town of Katoomba to the west of Sydney is home to the much-loved Three Sisters.

These towering rock formations project different colors and shadows throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. The best views of the Three Sisters are from Echo Point Lookout but you can also head out hiking to experience some truly memorable angles..

Three Sisters Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Day Trip

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