Things To Do in Macau

If you’re looking for some things to do in Macau other than gambling then there are plenty of interesting places you can visit. Macau is one of China’s Special Administrative regions located across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. In fact, if you have the time you can easily take the ferry or bridge to HK or cross over into the Mainland and visit Zhuhai. Widely considered as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, it has incredible casinos and hotels the nearly completed Versace Hotel.

If you’d like to enjoy sweeping views of the region then visit Macau Tower, or for more historical architecture from the Portuguese 400-year rule then head over to the old town. Whether you decide to spend your time sightseeing or gambling, there’s plenty of places to see during the day and 24-hour service for many restaurants and casinos at night. If you want to be able to communicate with many of the local Macanese then I would recommend brushing up on some basic Portuguese and Mandarin.

Ruins of St. Paul

The Ruins of St. Paul are by far one of the most popular and well known touristic locations in the area. The remnant facade of the 17th-century complex was originally St. Pauls Catholic Church and college. Also known as “Mater Dei“, the Portuguese dedicated the church to Saint Paul the Apostle. Plan on seeing plenty of tourists in the area as it’s located not too far from Senado square in the winding streets leading up to the main attraction.Ruins of St. Paul

Fortaleza do Monte

The fort Santo António located on top of the hill in Macau next to the Ruins of St. Paul is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and forms part of the “Historic Centre of Macau”.

St. Laurence Church

This historic church has clock & bell towers with ornate stained-glass windows, chandeliers and notable interior architecture.

St Laurence Church MacauDom Pedro Theatre

This Western-style theater host orchestral performances, opera & music festivals. I was fortunate enough to see a performance in Portuguese when I was there.

dom pedro theatre Macau

Happiness Street

Rua da Felicidade or also known as “Happiness Street”, it’s full of small shops and local delicacies like the famous shark fin soup. Although I’m completely against shark fin soup, this area was historically known as the red light district of Macau for Portuguese sailors and other foreigners.

Rua de felicidadesCathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady or Sé Catedral da Natividade de Nossa Senhora and Igreja da Sé is the current cathedral of the Diocese of Macau and very popular with the working Filipino members of Macau.

Macau Nativity Church

St. Lazarus Church

St. Lazarus’ Church is a historic church built between 1557 and 1560 and is one of the oldest churches in Macau. It currently serves as the main church of the St. Lazarus parish and is on the way from Senado Square to the Ruins of St. Paul.

St. Lazarus parish macau

Senado Square

Senado Square is a popular paved town square and is another important part of  Macau’s history and was labeled another UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site. Shaped like a triangle and adorned with wave-patterned squares brought in by Portuguese experts in the 1990’s. Here you can find plenty of small shops and restaurants to explore and is easily accessible by bus.

senado square

Hotel Lisboa and Grand Lisboa Casinos

These two casinos are located in the original casino strip in Macau and are full of incredible works of art and fantastic displays of wealth owned by Stanley Ho. I would highly recommend at least spending some time exploring these two casinos for the remarkable art on display. If you want to see gigantic jade carvings, woolly mammoth tusk art, and even a $380 million dollar, 118-carat diamond then check these places out.

Casino Lisboa macauWynn Palace Casino

The Wynn Palace Casino was where I spent most of my night’s gambling on electronic horse races, enjoying free bottomless drinks and watching people lose fortunes on the tables. One of the most notable and highly recommend features of this particular casino is the free gondola rides as one of the ways inside.

Wynn Palace Casino

Things to do in Macau

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