Karon Beach Phuket

Karon Beach Phuket is one of the nicer beaches outside of Patong that is also easily accessible for anyone including children and seniors. Having lived here for 2 years prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was strange seeing it so quiet. I was always used to this beach having a lot of activity such as paragliding and jet skis similar to Patong Beach but just not as busy.

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Given it’s location I would typically take people here who were visiting me from couchsurfing or friends on holiday. Our trip to Karon Beach in Phuket was still just as enjoyable as ever, escpecially with literally noone else in sight we had the entire beach to ourselves. I would consider Karon Beach Phuket as one of the top 3 most visited beaches on the island, so to be the only ones there was a stark contrast to what we had experienced in the past.

Having been in Thailand since literally a week before they closed the borders (and 3 years before that), it’s been interesting re-visiting many of the places I had gone in the past and seeing them all so quiet now. It makes me feel bad for all the Thai people who have experienced so much hardship at the loss of the tourism industry but I am optimisic about things bouncing back for everyone next year.

How far is Karon Beach from Phuket?

Karon Beach Phuket is only about 6 km from Patong meaning that you could actually walk between the two beaches in about an hour. I personally would’nt recommend it since it’s so much quicker, comfortable and convenient to take a motorbike or even a taxi (abut a 10 min taxi ride). But if you’re heading the other direction it takes about 35 minutes to drive from Karon Beach to Phuket Town.

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Is Karon Beach better than Patong?

Karon Beach in Phuket has one of the best and longest beaches in on the island. It’s located on the south west side of the island, between (normally) ridiculously busy Patong to the north and popular Kata beach to the south. Not surpsrisingly, Karon offers a reasonable choice of dining, shopping and bars but is much quieter and less busy than its counterpart to the north.

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How much is a taxi from Phuket Airport to Karon Beach?

Usually it costs around 750 to 800 baht to get to Karon from the airport and the return cost is a lot more so expect to pay between 800 to 1000 baht. I personally wouldn’t recommend taking a taxi when there are several other more affordable options like the Phuket Smart Bus (170 baht) and Airport shuttle Services (150 baht) running regularly. The Smart Bus runs this route all day long to and from places such as Phuket International Airport, Choeng Thale, Bangtao, Phuket Fantasea, Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata, and Rawai.

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Is Karon Beach Safe?

If you end up visiting Phuket especially during the especially during the southwest monsoon months of May through October be particularly careful around the water. Pay close attention if the beaches are lined with red flags warning of strong waves and undertow, stay out of the sea. Karon Beach Phuket is no exception to the number of drownings that still occur each year, even though the main beaches are now staffed with lifeguards, be extra careful with children swimming alone.

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Karon Beach Phuket

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