Wentworth Falls Hike in the Blue Mountains

If you’re heading to the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls track rewards bushwalkers with grand valley views from Fletchers lookout as you hike from the top of popular waterfall. The Wentworth Falls Hike in the Blue Mountains can be difficult and exhausting but well worth the effort. The breathtaking valley views combined with the cliff-hugging hike down into the beautiful 100-meter waterfall is a must-stop on any trip through the area.

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The historic town of Wentworth Falls has picturesque postcard-worthy sites just on its doorstep and is a spectacular place to base yourself to experience the Blue Mountains’ natural grandeur.

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Follow the Charles Darwin Walk along Jamison Creek, in the footsteps of the famous naturalist who walked this popular track in 1836. Enjoy the wilderness and outdoors as you follow the trail from Village to the waterfall.

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With plenty of small natural diversions along the way, it was a lovely change of scenery for me compared to the sandy beaches and palm trees in Phuket.

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With the numerous spectacular walks and views within Wentworth Falls, visitors could easily spend an entire day here hiking around on the different intertwining tracks.

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Follow the level path past Jamison and Wentworth lookouts before descending around 200 steps to the cliff-edge for Fletchers lookout. Marvel at the waterfall that gives Wentworth its name, as it plunges 100m to the valley floor.

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Enjoy superb views of Wentworth waterffalls cascading to the valley floor, exploring the base and surrounding Valley of the Waters. If I were to do this hike again I would also bring some hiking poles, particularly for the way back up but also to help keep your footing on the narrow and steep steps heading down. Regardless of how long it takes you to reach the bottom, the waterfall and views along the way are very rewarding.

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Wentworth Waterfalls

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