Three Sisters Blue Mountains National Park

This viewpoint and natural attraction is the most popular place in the entire region, although I found it a little over-rated when compared to the Three Sisters in Oregon. The Three Sisters Blue Mountains at Echo Point is an interesting and peculiar rock formation located in Katoomba in New South Wales. Located at Echo Point, around 2.5 kilometers from the Great Western Highway, this iconic visitor attraction is experienced by millions of people each year.

Three Sisters Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone. This family-friendly walk treats you to ever-changing views of the Three Sisters, with easy to walk pathways and minimal stairs making a great place for old and young alike.

Three Sisters Blue Mountains Krujanie Yoga

The Three Sisters Aboriginal Place is recognized as a place of special cultural significance to Aboriginal people. Each of the Three Sisters stands at just over 900 meters tall, respectively, and are over 3000 meters above sea level.

Three Sisters Blue Mountains

Head down and around 50m to the Lady Game lookout, for a closer view of this remarkable rock formation. A short but very steep set of stairs at the top of the Giant Stairway leads to Honeymoon Bridge, which connects to the first sister.

Three Sisters Blue Mountains Nava Nomadic

After a long day of hiking around and visiting other amazing places on our day trip into the Blue Mountains, we were both relieved to end up at a place with much easier access. After hiking and beautiful blue skies and sun all day, we both welcomed napping on the 2+ hour train ride back to Sydney.

Three Sisters NSW

Three Sisters at Echo Point

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Three Sisters Blue Mountains Three Sisters Blue Mountains Three Sisters Blue Mountains

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