Lincoln’s Rock Overlooking the Kings Table

Lincoln’s Rock Overlooking the Kings Table in NSW provides incredible views of Jamison Valley in Katoomba and is not as well known as other spots like Echo Point. Unlike nearby Wentworth Falls, this is not so much of a hike as it is a spectacular viewpoint, located just a short distance off the main road. If you’re looking for equally astonishing landscapes in the Blue Mountain Katoomba region then you should definitely add this location to your itinerary.

Lincoln's Rock Overlooking the Kings Table in NSW

Not far from these sweeping valley views is also the more famous Echo Point which hosts the popular Three Sisters rock formation. If you’re planning on hitting all three locations I recommend visiting on a Blue Mountains Day Trip coming from Sydney then I would suggest waking up and being on the train early.

Lincoln's Rock Overlooking the Kings Table NSW

You’ll want to get of at the Bodington Hill station to get to Lincoln’s Rock and then either walk, bike or uber the rest of the way there. This incredible lookout was named after an Australian Mountaineer named Lincoln Hall whom had lived in nearby Wentworth Falls.

Lincoln's Rock Overlooking the Kings Table

This location makes for unbelievable whether it’s sunrise, sunset or midday.  There are also plenty of hiking trails and paths to take but if you’re on limited time then you may want to make sure you’re taking the shortest routes possible.

Lincoln's Rock Kings Table in NSW

Prior to the name officially being dedicated to being ‘Lincoln’s Rock’, it was also known as Flat Rock, Wedding Rock, and Honeymoon Rock. The name Flat Rock is due to the rocks large flat appearance and it also makes for phenomenal wedding or honeymoon photos.

Lincoln's Rock NSW

Lincoln’s Rock

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