White Sand Beach Koh Chang

White Sand Beach Koh Chong Thailand is one of the best beaches on the West side of elephant island, located about 5 minutes North from the Lonely Beach. This beach is only a few minutes from where we stayed at Nature Beach Resort, which is located on Lonely Beach. We ended up visiting here on our way back from going out to Kai Bae Waterfall, fortunately, all these places are located in close proximity to one another on the West side of the island.

white sand beach koh chong island

White Sand Beach will be the first beach that you reach after heading through Klong Son and over the steep hill.

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As you start to head down the hillside you’ll see the viewpoint where you can take nice panoramic pics. From here you can get views of the length of the beach and south towards the small islands just off the west coast of Koh Chang.

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Once the road reaches sea level you’ll drive past the KC Grande Resort and the town of Kai Bae which is where all the fun nightlife and entertainment happens. Around the corner of the 7-eleven marks the starting point of White Sand Beach.

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There’s plenty of places to eat and buy souvenirs in the area or if you’re more interested in the beach then it’s a short walk from the main road or parking spots you can find at the various beachfront resorts.

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This beach is significantly different less rocky than the beaches further south and you can catch some good waves here for surfing or wind boarding. We ended up visiting the island a few days after they re-opened after a 3-month closure and quarantine due to the coronavirus.

white sand beach koh chang nomadic travel

We had a lovely time together and will be visiting Ko Samet next after they re-open here in two weeks! I also have a lot of other domestic tourism places planned so make sure to follow along for more!

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White Sand Beach Koh Chang

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white sand beach koh chong white sand beach koh chong white sand beach koh chong white sand beach koh chong

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