Playa San Blas Beach El Salvador

Playa San Blas Beach El Salvador is a beautiful Jet Black san beach outside of San Salvadore El Salvador. This is a popular place for tourists and locals alike but is definitely not overrun with people like some places you would expect like in Thailand or Bali. The weather was absolutely incredible when I went and the sun was super hot, so much so that I caught a full tan and needed to bounce within just a few hours. Fortunately, it’s also super easy to get here on a chicken bus and there are umbrellas for rent if you feel like staying the whole day.

Easiest Way to Playa San Blas

Possibly the easiest and definitely cheapest way to Play San Blas is if you are traveling by bus, the available routes are “80 AB” and is only around $0.75-1 USD. The chicken buses are constantly running between these cities so literally just wait on the side of the road until you see one with the name of where you’re going and jump in! The list of towns includes the city of the Puerto de La Libertad, El Sunzal, Izcanal, Majahual, San Blas, Charcon, San Diego and goes.

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Where is Playa San Blas Located

Playa San Blas is located at kilometer 39 along the Coastal Highway. San Blas beach is mostly occupied by private weekend homes, but there are still a few restaurants offering fresh seafood at affordable prices as well as some decent hotels and hostels to stay at.

playa san blas nomadic navaHotels and Resorts in Playa San Blas

There aren’t a ton of hotel options in the area but if you don’t feel like staying at a hostel or back in the city then you can post up at the Sun Bohemian, Beautiful Sun, Los Farolones, or SABAS hotels.

Playa San Blas is one of the nicest and sandiest beaches in the area as most of the other beaches are rockier and their sand has all but washed away. La Literbad is famous for its rocky beaches and surfing.

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This area is one of the most popular destinations in El Salvador, and was actually very clean compared to a lot of other places I had seen on my way into the country from Guatemala. It was also safe during the day and seemed to be mostly made up of different private communities. The beach was perfect for people looking to relax and get some sun, for people looking to hang out with your family as well as more adventurous people looking to swim or surf. But like I said, it’s super hot so make sure and bring some sunscreen!

Surfing at Playa San Blas

The surfing at Playa San Blas is great for beginners to practice but the more exciting waves are further north in Tunco. The surf in Cocal is very amazing but not consistency all year round, the conditions are similar to Punta Roca, it gets flat during the summer, around December to the beginning of March.

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Playa San Blas Beach Video

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