Lonely Beach Koh Chang Island

If you’re looking for somewhere to chill and catch a tan on Koh Chang then Lonely Beach is one of the best places to kick back on Thailand’s third-largest island. Koh Chang is well known as a party place, much like Koh Phangan just without the famous full moon parties. The lonely beach area on the South West side of the island is a great place for backpacking partiers and more upscale travelers as well. With a great combination of beach and nightlife, it should have everything you need.

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Where is Lonely Beach Koh Chang?

Lonely Beach is located on the island of Koh Chang, which is also known as “Elephant Island”  due to it resembling the head of an elephant. Koh Chang has some beautiful beaches and is more protected than its two larger counterparts, Phuket and Samui, resulting in stunning scenery.  If you plan on driving or taking a bus, it’s located approximately 300 kilometres South-East of Bangkok in Trat Province, near the Gulf of Thailand and almost to Cambodia. Lonely Beach Koh Chang is situated far down the south-west coast, up and over the mountain, and is actually split into two parts where the white sand beach ends and Lonely Beach begins.

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Had Tha Nam

This incredible one kilometer-long stretch of sand is known locally in Thai as “Had Tha Nam”, which was once a haven for backpacking adventurers, and honestly, still is. Lonely Beach is similar to other beaches on Koh Chang as it tends to be on the rocky-side on the southern end of the island. Heading over the mountain pass from the pier and south of Kai Bae Beach, this is usually one of the last stops for the cheap taxi trucks. It was once a secluded sandy beach known only to the locals and wandering backpackers as ‘Lonely Beach’.

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The best place to swim and get involved in a variety of beach activities is near the northern area of the beach like the southern part is a little rocky.  If you’re looking to avoid the mainstream crowd then this may be the place for you, although, with the growing popularity of the island, it may not stay lonely for long.

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Lonely Beach Koh Chang: Overview

Apparently, Koh Chang used to be a stoners paradise, though I didn’t see anyone getting baked in my general vicinity while we were there. Regardless of the reefer, you’ll find plenty of reasons to relax here.

Likely to meet: Backpackers, solo travelers, and party people -good vibes.

The Beach: Not the longest beach at only 1km but good sand, best at the northern end

Accommodation: Mainly bungalows, huts, guesthouses but odd boutique and swankier resort
From 250bt cold shower fan rooms up to 7,500bt for the pool villas

Bars and nightlife: Off Soi 1 and other areas centered in the village as well as actual beach parties.

Cheap Food: restaurants and cafes, tattooists, dive shops, a gym, massage, ATM’s, and tour shops.

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Lonely Beach Accommodation

The actual beach is only home to four resorts and we ended up staying at one of them called Nature Beach Resort, which has also undergone a recent transformation. We absolutely loved staying here and they offer a range of different modern bungalow styles and sizes for a variety of budgets. They also have an incredible beachfront pool and restaurant also. This is probably the best place to stay in the area as it has is all: beachfront, great value for the money, a restaurant, and also quiet but still easy to walk to town for food or to party.

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How to get to Lonely Beach Koh Chang?

You can walk through Nature Beach or Siam Huts to get to the sand itself, with the best section running north from Nature Beach to Siam Beach Resort at the end. Next door to the entrance to Siam Huts, there is a minimart and bakery but adjoining them, the aptly named Go To The Beach Road also runs down to the sea

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If you don’t mind hippies, stoners, and surfers then Lonely Beach Koh Chang might be right up your alley! I really appreciated how underdeveloped the island was and how it seemed to truly be largely protected like the national park. All in all, Lonely Beach is a fun and busy place to stay, attracting both the budget travelers and backpackers and those that are just looking for a good time.

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Lonely Beach Koh Chang Island

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