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I honestly can’t say enough good things about how amazing our experience was at Nature Beach Resort on the beautiful island of Koh Chang. I was originally a bit skeptical of this place considering how affordable it is compared to how new and modern it looked online. My worries quickly subsided after arriving at this incredible beachfront resort, with its amazing pool-lighting complimenting the setting sun, I knew this place was gonna be awesome.

I’m honestly not even doing any affiliate marketing related to this place, it was just such a good decision to stay here and we enjoyed our bungalow, the location, quality, and affordability so much that I just had to share!

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Nature Beach Resort Koh Chang

We were immediately impressed with the location and modern design as well as their unbeatable beachfront bungalows where you can chill and watch the waves roll in. The resort itself is made up of around 50 bungalows spread out throughout a variety of palm trees and other tropical plants and lead all the way up to the sand on the beach. Everything about this resort gives you an impression of cleanliness, from its pool and restaurant to the massage area and rooms.

The simple yet modern design and layout of the property itself was well thought out and made easily accessible for anyone. I would definitely consider this a family-friendly place for children and older relatives as well, with plenty of services to enjoy on-site you might not want to leave.

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Nature Beach Resort Prices

The price range is from ฿500 baht for a small bungalow up to around ฿2,750 baht for a large 2-Bedroom family house. Koh Chang has a wide selection of accommodations from cheap backpacker huts with only fans to high-end beachside resorts. Any of the really nice looking resorts we looked at online were going for ฿1500 baht or more. So we felt really lucky after settling into our amazing bungalow while enjoying facilities and a location just as nice as those high priced places but at a fraction of the cost.

We actually ended up getting a steal on our stay since it was during the low season. Even during high season, you’re only looking at around ฿1200 baht for a super nice beachfront bungalow! We really had no idea how amazing and convenient this relaxing resort would be, making our visit to Koh Chang a thoroughly enjoyable experience. As an experienced traveler, I take many things into consideration when choosing an accommodation and nature beach resort definitely gets a gold star.

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Nature Beach Resort Location

The Nature Beach Resort is located on the southwest side of Koh Chang Island, just north of Lonely Beach. An immediate right turn exiting the hotel leads to Lonely Beach and the downtown area with convenience stores, clothes shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as an ATM. The walk is approximately 10 minutes and we thoroughly enjoyed the food at a couple restaurants there in particular.

Nature Beach Resort is only about 20 minutes away from the Khlong Phlu waterfall by motorbike. To get to Nature Beach Resort from the pier you’ll need to take your car on the ferry or rent a motorbike across the street from the pier. From there you’ll need to head southwest over the mountain to get to the resort, which is about a 45-minute ride.

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We treated ourselves to one of their mid-sized bungalows where I was able to throw up my hammock by Nomads Adventure Gear and relax. A few steps lead up to a small balcony with chairs and a place to hang our beach clothes out to dry. The interior of the room was very clean, with air conditioning and even a black light in the bathroom. The building material showcases smooth industrial concrete walls with simple elegant design.  The bed was also a wonderful surprise giving us the much-needed rest to get our adventures started early in the morning.

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Nature Beach Resort Amenities

Clean and simple, with hot water, and a certain level of conveniences.

  • Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Western and Thai
  • Optional water heater and air conditioning
  • Laundry facility; toiletries for sale near the lobby
  • Massage shop
  • Snorkeling and kayaking rentals
  • Excursion booking
  • Wifi available in the lobby area
  • Queen size bed; additional bed available on request

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Places to Visit around Nature Beach Resort

  • Lonely BeachWalk 2 minutes
  • Bailan Beach 4 minutes walk
  • Kai Bae Beach 7 minutes
  • Kai Bae Waterfall 9 minutes
  • Kai Bae Viewpoint 6 minutes
  • Khlong Phlu waterfall 20 minutes

Nature Beach Resort made it easy for us to hang out in the evenings around their colorful pool and listen to the waves just a few feet away. They also have a Nature Bar connected to the restaurant with a small dance floor area too. They usually play chill reggae style music or other forms of entertainment like the occasional beach fire shows. Outside of Nature Beach Resort Koh Chang are several bars and places to eat or hang out just a short 10-minute walk away. I would recommend walking with a flashlight or your phone light on as it gets quite dark on some parts of the jungle surrounded road. nature beach resort kru janie yoga

Nature Rocks Restaurant

There is an excellent onsite restaurant that offers high quality and moderately priced Western and Thai food. You can also enjoy some drinks at the beach bar and sit outside. Which has both music and fire dancing performances? Nature Rocks opens from 7:30 am to 10:00pm for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food was great and the average price range is from ฿160 to ฿300 baht. There are plenty of tables for small groups of people and the tiered design of the restaurant floor allows all diners to have a great view.

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Nature Beach Contact Information

Address: 98 M4, (Lonely Beach) Koh Chang Trat 23170
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (081) 803-8933

Check-in: from 14:00 until 21:00
Check-out: until 12:00

Nature Beach Resort

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