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MacKenzie Point Beach is one of the smallest beaches in the state, and it is not always there due to the limited explorable surface area and incoming tides. This is a popular place used by fishers, sunbathers, and waders examining the low-tide ecosystems. With high splashing waves, private areas to relax and view the surrounding landscape, Mackenzie Point makes for a great place to chill out for a few.

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None the less its close proximity to dense residential areas makes it a relatively popular beach and is pretty much entirely made up of exposed rocks on the lower area and a viewing area at the point on the top.

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Each year, from May to November, more than 20,000 whales make their way along the Humpback Highway, a migration route from Antarctica to the Pacific that runs along the coast of NSW. Mackenzie Point is a great location where you can see these giants of the deep at play.

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Humpbacks will be your happy companions on most whale watching adventures, but you may also spot orcas and minke whales. Make sure to bring some binoculars and a camera to capture the action but also maybe a blanket and chairs if you plan on spending the day waiting for the best sightings.

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Oz Whale Watching is another option you can take from the Bondi Beach area. This is a paid half-day experience combining a Sydney sights luncheon cruise with whale watching in the Pacific Ocean.

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MacKenzies is located in a small tuck in the rocks on the south side of Mackenzies Point, 250 m west of the point and 100 m north of Tamarama surf club. There are plenty of interesting sights to examine down at Mackenzie Beach from the exposed sandstone cliffs for geologists or the interesting intertidal ecosystems for biologists.

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At it’s best it is approximately 50 m long, always backed by rocks and fronted by a rock-strewn surf zone, usually containing at least one rip. So swimmers beware.

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MacKenzie Beach

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