3 days in Amsterdam

Spending 3 days in Amsterdam was probably the highlight of my trip! After traveling to 9 other countries via Flixbus, Amsterdam was exactly what I needed. From getting my chill on at their cannabis cafes to filling myself with wide varieties of food all over town, I was definitely content. If there was one place on our trip which I would absolutely go back to again, Amsterdam in the Netherlands was that place.


Just leave your hotel or hostel and hit the road, either by foot or bike and you’ll find a ton to do! Just about everywhere there are interesting shops and restaurants to visit. There are plenty of bridges to take pictures at all over their network on canals beginning on the outskirts of the city center.

3 days in amsterdam bridge pic

Jordaan Neighborhood

3 days in amsterdam aarty jordaan

The Jordaan neighborhood is full of quaint historic buildings filled with art and antiques. If you’re looking for a more rewarding experience and atmosphere away from all the pot shops and street entertainment then head on over here.


3 days in amsterdam

Museumplein is home to Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, making it the main cultural center in the city. If the amount of art and exhibits they have on display still isn’t enough, you can continue onward toward the city center where you can visit other museums about cannabis, prostitution and even sex.


3 days in amsterdam cannabis cafes

If you’re tired, sore, bored or just need to relax then Amsterdam is the place to come for quality cannabis and positive vibes. Most shops sell grinders to make it easier to roll up but you are usually required to also buy a drink like an espresso or even just a water.


The Dutch are well known for their amazing fast foods like the famous Fries at Manekin Pis or Vlaams. Here you can get delicious fresh thick cut fried potatoes with a wide variety of toppings and sauces.

3 days in amsterdam food

Another awesome food option is these crazy vendor machine looking restaurants. Places like Febo and others are usually open 24/7 and have a bunch of dutch favorite foods for affordable prices. You can also request your food to be cooked fresh if you aren’t feeling up to grabbing something off the shelf. Now the cheap 2 or 3 euro burgers might not be that amazing but at least try a croquette!

3 days in amsterdam food


Inside the De Wallen medieval city center is where you can find the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam. This place has sex shops and brothels full of beautiful women in red-lit windows waiting for your company if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re only in town on Holiday then I recommend at least catching a glimpse just for the experience.

I am Amsterdam Sign

3 days in amsterdam I am Amsterdam sign

If you’re planning on getting a picture alone at the Iamsterdam sign good luck! As with most things timing and seasonality can greatly affect how busy certain attractions are, if you went at like 5 am I’m sure it’s a lot less crowded.

3 Days in Amsterdam Video

Amsterdam Map

3 Days in Amsterdam

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