1 Day in Zurich: 10 Things to do

If you’re short on time and can spend at least 1 day in Zurich Switzerland it would be well worth the stop. We ended up in Zurich after heading south out of Germany, it was a convenient 4-hour bus ride from Freiburg im Breisgau using Flixbus.

Zurich is known as a global banking and finance capital but it’s also an interesting and beautiful city to explore. There are plenty of cafes to check out as well as churches and Lake Zurich. If you feel like shopping then you can head over to Bahnhofstrasse which is Zurich’s main downtown street and one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues.

1) Bahnhofstrasse

1 day in zurich

Bahnhofstrasse is one of Zurich’s top tourist attractions with all the worlds top luxury brands, it’s particularly popular with the ladies. Considered one of the most expensive streets on the planet per square meter.

2) Grossmunster

1 day in zurich

Considered one of the most prominent landmarks in Zurich, the Roman era Grossmunster cathedral is characterized by its two twin towers and medieval architecture.

3) Alstadt (Old Town)

1 day in zurich

Alstadt is the Old Town in Zurich and is located on both sides of the Limmat River. This is an excellent place to get away from all the bustle on Bahnhofstrasse. Here you can find all sorts of cafes and riverfront restaurant nestled in with historic buildings and other quirky local shops.

4) Fraumunster

The Fraumunster is a 9th century Church with stained glass windows and a history dating back to Charlemagne’s grandson Louis the German. You can also check out the recently opened crypt which dates back hundreds of years.

5) Lake Zurich

1 day in zurichFor a relaxed or romantic walk, you should take the scenic promenade on the East side of the river which leads you to the Lake. Here you can enjoy some food and drink while watching hundreds of boats out on the lake.

6) Limmat Cruise1 day in zurich

Viewing Zurich by boat gives you beautiful views of the Old Town which sprawls along both sides of the banks. This trip will provide a new perspective of them as well as introduce you to many landmarks along the way.

7) Niederdorf

1 day in zurich

The Niederdorf neighborhood is located around the Grossmunster and is considered the more exciting part of town. During the day its fun to poke around in the old shops, and during the night it’s a great area for drinks.

8) Lindenhof

Overlooking the Limmat river where once stood a Roman fortress, you can enjoy unbroken views of the Old Town and noticeable landmarks otherwise obscured by other buildings at ground level.

9) St Peter

1 day in zurich

This incredibly old church can be spotted by its 86 meter wide clock face which is the largest in Europe.

10) Aelpli Milk

1 day in zurich

After all, that running around you might be in the mood for something new. How about checking out this unique little back alley bar with a live Swiss Folk band and try their special alcoholic drink called Aelpli Milk. Aelpli bar has history, so much so that it is one of the oldest bars in Zurich.

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