10 Things To Do In Ljubljana Slovenia

If you’re planning on coming to Europe or are already there then I suggest visiting Slovenia if you end up around the Southeast. Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and is a great place to spend a couple days if you are coming North from Croatia or Italy like we did or heading East from Austria. We used Flixbus to get there for cheap and also becuase they have Wifi so I can work on the move.

The river lined cafes in old town divide the historical section from the more modern and commercial life which can also be found there. I put together a list of things to do in Ljubljana for visitors coming for long or short term stay. There is plenty to see from the historic buildings, cobblestone roads, medieval canals and even a royal hilltop castle.

Below is a list of 10 things to do if you plan on visiting the chill city of Ljubljana.

1. Visit the Dragon Bridge

things to do in ljubljana

This bridge is one of the top recommendations from locals to visit. Built in 1901, it symbolizes the history and architecture of the town and was created to celebrate the Emporers’ 40th anniversary. The dragons are on the city coat of arms and can be found throughout the Ljubljana.

2. Preseren Square

things to do in ljubljana

Located near the old town and most widely recognized for its pink church and cobblestone plaza, this is a great meeting point and place to people watch. Depending on the time of year there may be festivals, concerts or other local activities being held here.

3. Ljubljana Castle

things to do in ljubljanaThe impressive medieval castle which sits on top of the hill surrounded by the old town and can be seen from Ljubljana’s square has free entry into the courtyard and great views of the city below. This 900-year-old castle is a must see if you have the time and are looking for a nice walk, otherwise, you can take the train or funicular runway.

4. Central Market

things to do in ljubljana 3

This market is open 6 days a week and is closed on Sundays. Here you can find local covered and open-air vendors selling herbs, handicrafts, meat, fruits, vegetables, and other goods.

5. Robba Fountain

This ornate fountain symbolizes the city and can be found outside of the Town Hall.

7. Old Town

The Old Town sits at the foot of the castle and is on your way to Town Hall and Robba Fountain. If you are looking for a nice restaurant or a patio to have some wine or dessert then this is a good place to go.

8. Ljubljanica River Trip

things to do in ljubljana

The one-hour boat trip is an excellent way to get a different perspective of the town from the river, passing under all three bridges with commentary and historical facts provided during your tour.

9. Tivoli Park

things to do in ljubljana

Whether you are looking for a vast area of greenery, come to appreciate the arts or have a private picnic, Tivoli Park is a great place to enjoy time away from the busy city. The 2km park was originally landscaped in the 1800’s and has many crisscrossing nature trails for you to enjoy.

10. Triple Bridge

slovenia europe itinerary

The three bridges that connect the old town to the modern city are located by Preseren Square and have many bars and cafes.

Ljubljana Slovenia

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