Rovinj Croatia, 5 Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

5 Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

Although we weren’t able to make it far south to Dubrovnik, which was popularized after the Game of Thrones series, we were able to visit Rovinj Croatia. It’s beautiful and unique like it’s own little “Kings Landing”. This town is built to the brim on all sides of the peninsula and is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea making it a popular place for fishing and sailing. Considered one of the most picturesque towns in the Mediterranean it is also called the Blue Pearl of the Adriatic for its incredibly deep blue waters. Whether you came to enjoy the history, nature or activities there are plenty of excursions to enjoy. If you’re planning on traveling around Europe then using Flixbus is super cheap and convenient.

Explore the Old Town

Rovinj Croatia, 5 Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

The cobbled alleyways in Old Town are a great place to spend a day wandering around and checking out the countless unique little shops that are so colorfully crammed in here. The walkway is made up of classic cobblestone so do not wear heels! The winding alleyways will lead you up to the top of the hill where you can get great views of the Sea and visit St. Euphemia church. If you’re staying a little outside of town as we did then I would recommend renting a bicycle for a few Kuna and riding into town. The streets are very clean and most are shut off from traffic, particularly in Old Town where only foot traffic is allowed.

Walk Along the Golden Cape

Rovinj Croatia, 5 Things to do in Rovinj CroatiaFor a beautiful pine tree-lined beach then head to the Golden Cape at Porton Biondi beach. Here you can find crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling and paddleboarding, or you can just lay out and catch some rays. The beach is about 1 km long and can easily be walked to in 15 minutes from the city center or 5 minutes by bike. This is just one of many beaches awarded the blue flag for cleanliness, here is a list of other beach locations in Rovinj.

Visit St. Catherine’s and St. Andrew’s Islands

Rovinj Croatia, 5 Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

Take a cruise to St. Catherine and St. Andrew islands which are located just off the coast of Rovinj’s old town. They only take 5 minutes to get to and bother islands are car-free. Which various views of Rovinj and a wide variety of well-maintained plantlife, spending some time out here away from the tourists in town might be just what you are looking for.

St. Euphemia

Rovinj Croatia, 5 Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

This 17th-century church is dedicated to St. Euphemia whose partial remains are located in a Sarcophagus here. This is the most prominent point in Rovinj, not only making for a great walk up but also providing excellent views all around.

5 Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

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Rovinj Croatia, 5 Things to do in Rovinj Croatia

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