US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal

I know I had a lot of questions about renewing my passport when I got back to Thailand from my trip to Europe. Since my passport was filled I knew I could no longer get the half page extension stamps at Thai immigration, so before my trip, I followed the steps below for the US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal.

I was also able to fly domestically back to Phuket where I live with just my passport even tho it was now expired since they punched holes in it and stamped “canceled” on my main bio page. That was a big relief, the postage also comes with tracking number and email updates. All of which can be bought on site.

Just a heads up for anyone wondering about renewing and traveling. If you have any international trips scheduled in the next 2 or 3 weeks from your appointment I saw them tell a couple people they can come back to pick up their new Passport and have their current one expired so they can still use it for their trip.

Step 1:

Schedule an appointment at the US Embassy in Bangkok and print the appointment confirmation page.

us embassy bangkok passport renewal

us embassy bangkok passport renewal

How to renew an Adult Passport (Ages 16+)

Follow the below instructions ONLY if you have your current passport book in your possession. Otherwise, please follow the instructions to REPLACE A LOST/STOLEN PASSPORT.

1. Make an appointment and print your Appointment Confirmation page.

2. Complete the Form DS-82 online but do not submit it electronically. Overseas applicants must PRINT the completed form and bring it to the appointment. (If you do not have access to the necessary technology, you may obtain a blank copy of the form in our office on your appointment date. Use of the blank version will lengthen check-in time.)

3. Bring the following to the appointment:

  • Appointment confirmation page
  • Form DS-82 (completed, signed and dated)
  • Your current U.S. passport
  • Two photocopies of the bio-data page of the current U.S. passport
  • One new Passport Photo (Please see link for detailed information)
  • Appropriate fee and method of payment
  • OPTIONAL: To change a name on a U.S. passport an original certified marriage certificate or court order is required.  If the marriage certificate or court order are in any language other than English you must also provide a certified translation.

IMPORTANT: If this is your first adult passport (first passport renewal after your 16th birthday), then use form DS-11 instead of DS-82. The fee for first-time adult passports is $145. It is recommended that one parent appears in person with children ages 16 and 17.

Step 2:

They will actually send you a reminder email the day before your appointment to remind you of all the things you need to make sure and bring with you including a print of your appointment so make sure to screenshot or print screen your appointment confirmation.

Greetings from American Citizens Services at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok,

Thank you for scheduling an appointment for Passport Services.

Applicants should bring with them:

  • Your current U.S. passport and two photocopies of the bio-data page (If lost or stolen please follow these instructions.)
  • One NEW Passport photo (An onsite self-service photo booth is available for a fee of 150 THB, exact THB bills are required as change is not provided and coins are not accepted)
  • Appropriate fees, payable in cash (USD or THB) or by credit card
  • Originals and one photocopy of each relevant supporting document  (See above links for which supporting documents are required for each service)
  • Please print your appointment confirmation page and bring it with you when you appear at the Embassy to help facilitate your entry into the building. You will still be permitted entry without your appointment confirmation page print-out, however, your check-in time may be slightly increased.

Please arrive at the Embassy 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to get through embassy security. If you arrive more than 15 minutes before or after your appointment you may not be permitted to enter. Please note that there is no parking at the Embassy.

We look forward to meeting you at your appointment.

If you will be unable to keep your appointment, please cancel it so that someone else can use the slot. Please do not reply to confirm your appointment. 

Step 3:

Show up to your appointment early and you will have to check in, showing proof of your appointment and identification. They will then confiscate your phone and other unnecessary belongings until after your appointment.

Make sure and bring your current passport, the appropriate application form (filled out), two photocopies of the main bio page, one new passport photo, payment for shipping and passport fees (I paid with my card on site) and your appointment printout.

Step 4:

Go home and wait. Track the package with your tracking number.

US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal

If you plan on going anywhere or want to avoid overstaying after the initial 30 Visa on Arrival stamp then I suggest doing it as soon as you land like I did the day after my arrival from Europe.

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US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal US Embassy Bangkok Passport Renewal 

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