Thai Visa Extension Chiang Mai

If you plan to visit Thailand or are already here and decide that your initial 30-day tourist visa just isn’t enough time then you can follow the steps in this post to acquire a 30 day Thai Visa Extension Chiang Mai. I will help cover the basics for what you need to get your visa extension including the cost, form and requirements. This is my second time extending my Visa, I originally did this on Koh Samui but I am writing this article in Chiang Mai where I just got another extension so I will be providing information based on this location.

The Chiang Mai Immigration office used to be located next to the airport which was much more convenient as it’s a lot closer to the city center where most people visit or come stay but it is now located on the southeast part of town across the river out by Macro food market at the Promenada Mall.

Thai Tourist Visas

A single-entry Thai tourist visa allows visitors 60 days in Thailand.  This includes the first day you enter Thailand and expires after the last day in Thailand up to 60 days from entry. You can only extend this first 60 days into a total of 90 days one time, after that you will need to get an extension after 30 days and leave the country after 60 days to renew your visa. When I first came to Thailand I had a 6 month Multi-Entry Visa, you can see more info on that here. Make sure your last day does not fall on a Thai holiday or the weekend becasue once your Visa expires there is no extending it and you will also get penalized.

If you have already used your first one-time 60-day tourist visa stay you can also get an extension on a 30-day visa-exempt stamp.

What you need for the Thai Tourist Visa Extension

To apply for an extension, make sure to apply in person and bring the following to the local immigration office:

  • Passport with a valid Thai tourist visa (to confirm authenticity)
  • Photocopies of the main passport photo page, current Thai tourist visa page, TM.6 departure card, and latest entry stamp (sign all photocopies, too)
  • Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in the Kingdom (form TM.7)
  • One 4cm x 6cm passport photo
  • An application fee of 1,900 baht (roughly equal to 60 USD)

Make sure you copy down your current address and your Thai phone number (if you have one) as this information is needed to fill out the TM.7 application form. The TM.7 forms are available at the immigration office.

Where to Extend in Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai Immigration Office next to the Chiang Mai International Airport no longer issues extensions for Thai tourists visa as of July 2015.

Thai Visa Extension Chiang Mai

Thai Visa Extension Chiang Mai

Visitors can extend a Thai tourist visa in Chiang Mai at the immigration office at the Promenada Mall. Its labeled as a “One Stop Service” and it’s open from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Thai holidays.

The office is located roughly 10 minutes drive southeast from Chiang Mai’s Old City, you can either ask a tuk-tuk, grab or taxi to take you to Promenada Mall or use the Google Map below.

Passport Photo and Photocopy Services

If you need photocopies of your passport and/or a photograph of yourself, these services are available from a small shop a few doors left of the main Chiang Mai Immigration Office “One Stop Service” Center at the Promenada Mall. The glass doors have big white letters reading PHOTO & COPY.

Photocopies cost 2 baht per copy. Six passport photos cost 200 baht.

Tourist Visa Extension Application Process

Thai Visa Extension Chiang Mai

Thai Visa Extension Chiang Mai

Once you’ve arrived at the Chiang Mai Immigration Office, go to the Information Desk outside the glass-enclosed office and grab a TM.7 form. With passport, completed application, single photo, signed photocopies, and cash in hand, go back to the Information Desk and hand everything over to the representative. They will clip the documents together along with a queue number. This took me 4 hours but I came at 10am so they did not see me until after lunch, so I recommend showing up when they open.

Khob Khun Krab! (Thank You)

I appreciate you taking the time to check out my post and I hope it helps you in regards to getting a 30 Day Thai Visa Extension. The process is the same regardless of what part of Thailand you are in. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or follow me on Instagram and send me a message there! I also have posts on acquiring a Thai 6 Month Multi-Entry Visa and also How to get a 10 Year China Visa.


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