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I wanted to write a blog to provide some information on the cost for dental services in Thailand. I recently found myself needing some dental work and also had my girlfriend in Bangkok getting prices for teeth whitening and veneers. I understand there is a lot of interest from people internationally to visit Thailand and Southeast Asia for affordable dental and medical holidays. After our experiences with the Dentist Phuket and Bangkok services, I wanted to share some of this information with any of my readers looking for some clarification on the dental costs, facilities, services.

Being that I’m an American, I would absolutely never be able to just walk into a dentist office and expect to be seen the same day. Here in Bangkok and Phuket, this is actually a very common occurrence. You can typically expect to be seen the same day or next for most procedures. Now since I live in Phuket you need to understand that some of my quotes may seem high since Phuket is such an expensive place compared to the rest of the country.

I will be providing price ranges between here and Bangkok based on my experiences living here for almost two years. If you’re a retired expert ex-pat who knows where all the best massage parlors are and how to use public transportation then this post probably isn’t for you. If you are a foreigner or tourist looking for prices and ideas regarding some common procedures you may be considering then I hope this post helps you.

Common Dental Procedures

Below I will list some of the most common dental procedures the average person may be considering coming here to get and save themselves some serious money. The benefits and saving even for quick things like cleanings and whitenings are usually well worth it if you’re already here or planning on coming.

Teeth whitening:

4000-12000 Baht or $125-400 USD

This was arranged rather conveniently the day before via Facebook Messenger to Bright Smile Dental Clinic in Bangkok who happened to be having an amazing promotion going on. This usually never includes cleaning, pumice scrub or x-rays so make sure and ask what this includes. you will also want to ask how many sessions that includes. For 4000, not including cleaning, we got 1-day visit with 3 sessions. More expensive packages can include a take home kit, and more sessions etc.


600-1500 Baht or $20-45 USD

The cleaning cost is something you should always plan on paying for since you’re already at the dentist. The price usually ranges from 600-1500+ baht depending on how bad your teeth are.


10,000-30,000 Baht or $300 USD for 1-5 teeth packages

Veneers are a sure way to impress people when you enter a room with big beaming white teeth but in most Western countries they come for no less than $10k USD or more! In Thailand you can get yourself a set of veneers for anywhere from $1000-3000 USD.

Orthodontics (Braces):

40,000-65,000 Baht or $1250-2000 USD

Braces in Thailand are a hot commodity, and considering the price savings you better believe it’s a great deal! Compared to the average price in America for braces coming in at $5000, do yourself a favor and fly the family to Thailand for a few weeks with the savings using your daughters dental needs as an excuse.

Dental Implants:

Starting at 50,000-75000 Baht or $1500-2400 USD

Dental implants aren’t fun, but neither is having gaping holes in your mouth because you slipped on ice and lost your pearly whites to the pavement. The prices in Thailand are literally half as much as the average price in America where you can expect to pay $3000-6000 dollars.

Root Canal:

7000-8000 Baht or $220 USD

Nobody likes getting a root canal, but at least it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! You can go through the same procedure and pain for literally 4 or 5 times less than in America. Here, you can have somebody yank your tooth out for around $220, whereas in the states you will pay $900 or more!

Oral Surgery:

1,000-2,000 Baht or $30-60 USD

Having an oral surgery for a tooth extraction can be a quick and necessary procedure to prevent crowding and pain associated with wisdom teeth coming in or other causes. You can have this procedure done here for around $30 versus $75-200 per tooth in the states!

Dentist Phuket: Thailand Dental Costs

A pro tip to make sure you’re getting good prices before spending a significant amount of money is to go into a couple clinics yourself to get prices. You can then have a Thai friend go and ask for the same procedures and see which clinics were honest or had the best prices. If you don’t have a Thai friend you can also do what I did and message them on Facebook after visiting them in person. For example, I was quoted on Facebook 800 baht per tooth, then when I said I was just in there and quoted 600 they simply said “oh, my bad”. 555

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