Things to see in Hong Kong

My Hong Kong Itinerary definitely lived up to my expectations with so many interesting destinations, full of culture in a fast-paced city life setting. Whether you’re coming for a week or a day, there are plenty of things to do.

Staying in Tsim Sha Tsui area is the most popular and convenient location to enjoy all the local sights. Staying in that area puts you close to the waterfront, awesome restaurants, shops, and bars, plus easy access to all the metro lines.

There are significantly more foreigners here than in other parts of China I have been to, but that’s mostly due to the long history behind the British Colonial rule from 1841-1997. Regardless of how long you plan on visiting Hong Kong, rest assured there’s a wide variety of attractions, history and entertainment for everyone.

I hope you can find some good recommendations below in my 3 Days in Hong Kong Interary blog post.

Day 1

Our first full day we spent running around the city of Hong Kong, exploring the flower market and trying new foods. One of my favorite dishes was a fresh shrimp wonton soup located at this small shop next to the Metropark Hotel Mongkok where we got off the A21 bus from the airport. This day had was maybe one of the most memorable, with its authentic attractions and evening entertainment.

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden

The Nan Lian Garden is located on Diamond Hill in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong. This beautiful park is designed in the classic Tang Dynasty style with elaborate gardens consisting of wood, stone, tree and water structures. This place is super photogenic, especially with its bright orange and yellow contrasts to the natural scenery, it’s a great place to get some good pics.

hong kong itinerary nan lian garden krujanie yoga
nan lian garden

Chi Lin Monestary

hong kong itinerary chi lin nunnery
chi lin nunnery

Located conveniently close to Nan Lian Garden is this super chill place called the Chi Lin Nunnery. This immaculate Buddhist Temple complex is a must see place, particularly if you’re already in the area. Dating back to the 1930’s, with beautiful bondai trees and surrounded by lily ponds, monks and locals alike come to this peaceful place to give thanks and offerings to Buddha.

chi lin nunney
chi lin nunnery

Waterfront Light Show

hong kong itinerary kowloon waterfront light show
hong kong light show

This Symphany of Lights can be seen from the Victoria Harbor waterfront, There seats an standing areas around the Hong Kong Cultural Center. This event has been entertaining millions since 2004 but was recently upgraded in 2017 with a score from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra while showcasing 42 buildings and 2 attractions in the dazzling display of lights and music. This is a free event that can be enjoyed nightly at 8pm sharp.

Day 2

Hong Kong Island was on the itinerary for Day 2 to Visit Victorias Peaks, then the rest of the day involed other places in HK to visit to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, the Ladies Market, and getting some Jei Fei.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monestary

ten thousand buddhas monestary
ten thousand buddhas monestary

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery located in Sha Tin is peculiarly interesting place with hundreds of different monk statues on your steep 430 step hike up. Once you reach the peak you will come to a Buddhist Temple with literally thousands of Buddhas on the walls. After giving thanks and heading over to enjoy the view or light some incense, you can make your way back down the same path you cam up on. Also, you’ll will most likely see some monkeys on you visit, so be careful with your belongings and don’t go flashy food around or they’ll go bonkers!

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a venerable location and is ranked Hong Kong’s number one destination with a fun tram, breathtaking views, delicious restaurants, and other fun activities, it’s a must visit location for anyone.

Ladies Market

hong kong itinerary ladies market
hong kong itinerary ladies market

The ladies market is located on Tung Choi and is a popular pedestrian style street market. Here you can find a variety of food, clothes and entertainment.

Fei Jie Hong Kong Snacks (肥姐小食店)

Fei Jie Snacks Shop
Fei Jie Snacks Shop

One place I recommend trying if you’re feeling adventurous is the Fei Jei street food style vendors. The location we visited in Tsim Sha Tsui was also featured in the late Anthony Bourdains, No Reservations Hong Kong. Here you can sample various braised items like pig offals, chicken livers, turkey offals, and octopus tentacles. Live a little and give it a try.

hong kong snacks
fei jei hong kong snacks

Day 3

Lantau Island was the last on our list, and not because it wasn’t an awesome place, because it is, but out of convenience. If you have a full day to spend in Hong Kong before leaving like we did in the evening the I recommend going to Lantau Island as its basically on your way to the airport. You can switch metro lines at Disney Land Hong Kong.

Tian Tan Buddha

Big Buddha Hong Kong
Big Buddha Hong Kong

The Big Buddha Temple has become a major landmark in Hong Kong. It took the Po Lin Monastery 12 years to build this massive bronze structure but is now a popular destination for local and international Buddhists and travelers alike. This statue symbolizes the stability of Hong Kong, the prosperity of China, and peace on Earth. This is an excellent place to catch some incredible views and entry ifs free!

Tian Tan Buddha Views
Tian Tan Buddha Views

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery

The lavish interior designs and outside attention to detail make this Monastery a truly special place for prayer. Visually stunning and humbling, make sure you head here too when visiting Big Buddha. The Characters on top of the main temple spell out “Po Lin Monastery” meaning “Precious Lotus”.

po lin monastery
Bruce Lee at po lin monastery

Dim Sum in Tsim Sha

Getting Dim Sum in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dim Sum

If you haven’t already taken the time to enjoy some of the best Dim Su in the world then do yourself a favor and check out some of these Best Hong Kong Dim SumsDim Sum should be on everyones Hong Kong Itinerary.

3 days Hong Kong Itinerary

Things to see in Hong Kong

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