10 Popular Bohol Tourist Spots

When I went to visit the Philippines for the first time it was literally a dream come true! Not only because I got to experince Sinulog in Cebu, the incredible natural beauty and marine wildlife, but also because many of my family and ancestors were born and raised on this small island. This trip meant more to me than merely going site-seeing, I was finally able to connect with my Family I never thought I would ever meet, visit my grandfathers’ grave, and see some amazing Bohol tourist spots while I was at it.

Thanks to my amazing Aunt Gina and the rest of our Canda family there, this trip was unforgettable. Since my family showed me around I was able to explore many places like a local, and I want to share some of the places we went for whenever you decide to visit Bohol in the future or even if you’ve already been.

Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate hills are probably one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. These giant cone-shaped geological structures resemble giant mole hills. They cover about 50 square kilometers and vary in size from 30 to 150 km high.

You can get an incredible 360° view of these hills from the viewpoint located in Carmen Town. From here the hills seem to go on endlessly in all directions. These famous limestone landmarks get their name from their appearance during the dry season when the green grass dies and turns brown resulting in a more chocolaty appearance.

Philippine Tarsiers

I visited some of top attractions with my family in the Philippines by visiting 10 popular Bohol tourist spots like the chocolate hills, tarsiers and more!

The Tarsiers are one of the tiniest primates on the planet, measuring only 4 to 5 inches, these cute little nocturnal creatures can only be seen in a handful of places in the world. We visited these furry beasts at the Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary which is an institution dedicated to the preservation and scientific researches of the Tarsier in Bohol.

The primary mission of this foundation is to protect the Philippine Tarsier and its habitat from extinction through increased environmental awareness, research programs and the establishment of protected areas for wildlife in the Province of Bohol. These creatures have long tails and fingers as well as big beautiful eyes that are actually larger than their brain and stomach! If you’re visitng Bohol make sure and stop here to view these incredible animals and help support a good cause.

Loboc River Cruise

This restaurant river cruise is a popular tourist attraction and a perfect place for a midday lunch break. These boats are departing all day long with a full buffet and live entertainment while you calmly navigate the still waters of the Loboc River. With its breathtaking tropical treeline and emerald green waters, it’s no wonder this is such a popular place.

I honestly wasn’t super impressed with the food but everything else was amazing! Our singer was also exceptional, and since we’re in the Philipines everyone speaks English REALLY well, so don’t be surprised to hear some classic Western music while your there. For only 450 pesos, it was well worth the visit and time.

For me, this part of the trip was even more special when we pulled up on this random riverside raft loaded with local ladies waiting to serenade us!

To top this experience off and make it even more unforgettable, I was able to participate in my first ever traditional Filipino Tinikling Dance like my uncles and family before me.


Island Hopping

There are plenty of places to go in the Philippines and one of the best ways to get around to the many thousands of islands is by island hopping on the popular Filipino Paraw or Bangka boats.

Riding around on these boats is a unique experience, much like the long-tail boats in Thailand, you can see these popular indigenous boat designs throughout the country. These vessels are typically constructed with a narrow main hull with two outriggers extended on either side. This makes for safe and smooth sailing, regardless of how young you are.

For more island hopping recommendations in the Philippines, checkout my blog post “Island Hopping in El Nido” blog post.

Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is a popular stop for tourist on the island of Panglao in the province of Bohol. The cave is about 100 metres long of beautiful rock formations. The stalactites and stalagmites stick out from the ceiling and floor of the cave as though trying to meet each other. Although swimming in this remarkable underground lake is tempting, ithas been known to test for high levels of various pollutants, since it is fed by ground runoff.

Bilar Man-Made Forest

The Bilar Man-Made Forest may not seem like much more than a typical forest at first but considering it’s part of an extensive reforestation project in response to vast deforestation of the Loboc watershed makes this artificial Mahogany forest that much more appealing. A popular stop for tourists on your way to the Chocolate Hills, its a great place to stop for some fresh air.

Quinale Beach

The main public part of Quinale beach stretches to about a couple of kilometers with other more private stretches of white sand and clear waters that are perhaps the finest you can find in the country, rivaling even the famous Boracay and Coron.

Panglao Island

On our Panglao Island Tour we stopped at the Isola di Francesco, also known as the Virgin Island. This was a very interesting place to visit due to its obvious Christian theme with various biblical references like Jesus walking on water.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been to a more blatantly religious island before, but considering the Spanish conquests of the early 16th century, Missionaries and Colonists brought strong religious influences which have lasted for ages and continue to be a vital part of Filipino culture.

It’s not every day you get to see trees filled with Rosaries.

Sipatan Twin-Hanging Bridge

The Sipatan Twin-Hanging Bridge is a popular attraction spanning the Sipitan River. Originally created with only rope and bamboo slats, the bridge has been reinforced with steel cable construction making for a safer experience and more enjoyable experience. Located not far from Loboc River Tours and the Tarsiers it’s a great place to visit if you’re in the area.

Himontagon Hills

The Himontagon or Goodmorning Hills are located in Loay near my families homes in Bohol. This is a great place to go for panoramic views of the island and the Bohol Sea.

My Family in the Philippines

If you’re ever in Bohol and run into any Candas, mention me or show them this blog post. I am Filipino on my Mothers side where she had 5 brothers and 2 sisters, and they all live in the United States and the Philippines.

Lighting a candle at my Grandfather Pedros’ Burial site in Bohol.

10 Popular Bohol Tourist Spots

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