Freedom Beach in Phuket Thailand

Freedom Beach in Phuket is hands down one of my favorite beaches on the island. It’s a combination of scenery, seclusion, and sea life make it one of the more interesting places on the island for me to take people. This is also because the snorkeling is good here with plenty of fish to see along the partially rocky shoreline. This place can be very difficult to get to and also to hike down, depending on how you get there. So if you’re looking for a special place to catch a tan and soak in those Thailand vibes then Freedom Beach is highly recommended.

freedom beach boats

Now you can definitely find many other beaches in Phuket that are equally beautiful and much easier to get to. The beaches in the north I would recommend are Kamala, Surin and even Layan beach where you can also go horseback riding. If you’re heading south I always recommend Kata, Karon or Nai Harn beach.

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With its incredible white sand and crystal clear waters it’s a surprise this beach isn’t more crowded, especially considering how close it is to Patong. My hope is that by sharing this information, anyone who plans on visiting here won’t litter or leave trash behind to help preserve its natural beauty. During low tide there’s these massive tropical tree lined rocks which make it an excellent place to take photos.

freedom beach phuket

On the far end of the beach pictured above is a small restaurant and area you can also rent umbrellas. There’s no doubt if you’ve made it this far you’re gonna wanna chill for a while, because the hike out if definitely difficult and the longtails aren’t cheap.

Snorkeling at Freedom Beach

Now you probably aren’t gonna see any Tuna, Marlin, or Barracudas in these more shallow waters but there’s still plenty to see. Although bigger is usually better like when I swam with whale sharks in the Gulf of Thailand, I also enjoy all the smaller ones too. There’s truly something I find very peaceful about snorkeling with the view underneath the waves, sun glistening off the smooth sandy beach bottom. I enjoy making eye contact with brave little fish that come up to inspect me, and sometimes even attack me, at least that’s what happened once upon a time in Mexico.

I find it slightly therapeutic how the only noise you hear underwater is the sound of waves and yourself trying to breathe. Not to mention snorkeling is an excellent physical activity too. So if you have a pair of snorkel and flippers I would pack them in your carryon and bring them with you. Thailand has an incredible diversity of marine life like corals and crustaceans. Unless you’re a first-timer or a kid then maybe some of these things won’t impress you so much, but if you are then this is a great place to go.

How to get to Freedom Beach

  • Take a longtail boat from another beach
  • Take a taxi and pay 200 baht to enter
  • Take free difficult road and hard hike
freedom beach phuket

If you’re looking for an easy or free way to get to Freedom beach then you might want to listen up to my advice. There are only 3 ways to get to beautiful crescent shape seashore, by boat, taxi or on your own.

Longtail Boat

If you plan on taking a longtail boat you can easily catch one from Patong or Karon Beach. This will cost you anywhere from 1,200 baht or more but if you’re traveling with a group or people who can’t really hike then this is a great option for you. This would also be an easy way to check off your first longtail boat ride off the old bucket list. As one person put it in a review on Tripadvisor, “Do NOT walk. The road is steep and uphill. Only do it if you are super fit because once you get to the entrance of the beach there’s about 300 steps downwards.”

Pay a Taxi

Paying a taxi to bring you there will not save you from a hard hike down as mentioned above, but they will only bring you to the private property entrance where you will have to pay an additional 200 baht.

Bring Yourself

Now if you have a motorbike like I do, then you may want to consider taking the directions to Freedom Beach I provided below.

freedom beach directions

This way is not easy, but it is the only freeway to the beach. You can drive yourself from Patong by taking a right about 80m after Rasta Baby Bar. Now you need to be prepared because this road is ridiculously jacked up! It also goes through a very slummy part of town with wild chickens and cocks running around. Now if you can make it past the wild cocks and the rocky road then you can park at the top and are then free to make the “awesome” hike down. Unless you’re pretty athletic this can be a very difficult hike, but don’t worry, there are some spots with ropes to hold onto so you don’t die.

Freedom Beach in Phuket Video

Freedom Beach in Phuket Thailand

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