Best Phuket Viewpoint

If you’re planning on visiting Patong Beach then you may also be interested in one of the best places to catch a sunset at the local Wassa Homemade Bar Phuket viewpoint. This place provides an amazing 180° view of the entire Patong Beach area. You can even see Paradise on the other side of the bay. Located off Hasip-Pee Road on your way to Patong if you are coming from anywhere southeast of the island and offers the most breathtaking views of Phuket’s west coast.

Phuket Viewpoint

Best Phuket Viewpoint

The road to get here will eventually lead you to a very steep and narrow road which can be challenging for newer motorbike riders so drive cautiously. Once you reach the top the view and the drinks will reward you for your efforts. There is really no other view like it in Phuket or of Patong. Other amazing viewpoints include windmill point and Laem Prom Thep Cape as well as the Rang Hill Viewpoint overlooking Phuket Old Town.

Phuket ViewpointThis lovely little family run establishment serves drink and music for visitors looking for a relaxing tree-lined panoramic view of the beach. The location is split into three areas. The main area is where the bar is located at the top near the parking lot, then maybe 10 meters to the right on the hillside is a chill viewing deck and then a third level lower down with additional seats and chairs.

Phuket ViewpointThis place is mainly for the view so don’t expect any lavish food and drinks. They serve up a pretty standard basic bar menu with beers and drinks for around the same price you will find down in Patong or on Bangla Road for around 100 baht per small beer and up for cocktails.Phuket ViewpointUnfortunately, they do NOT allow drone footage so don’t even try…like I did, lol. They will immediately request that you not do it for insurance reasons so please respect this as a no-fly zone. I got some pretty amazing regular photography shots though. Other than that, the views are breathtaking and its really nice to see the beauty of Patong without all the crowds. This place is totally worth it a visit if you’re planning on visiting us here in Phuket.

Wassa Bar Address

Location: 50 Pee Road, Patong Beach

Open: 4 pm – 12 am

Phone: 091 882 9322

How to Get There

The best way to go to Wassa Bar is probably by motorbike but a Tuk Tuk might be able to get you there. You will need to reach the back road called 50 Pee Road, which is accessible from Pisitgoranee road, then up the hill!

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