Scuba Lessons for PADI Open Water Certification in Thailand

Scuba Diving in Thailand should be at the top of any avid or aspiring adventurers bucket list, but before you can go putting yourself at risk you’ll require some training. When I was staying on Koh Phangan for a month I ended up taking scuba lessons and getting my PADI open water certification. I did this with PIDS or Phangan International Diving School but Pirate Divers is also highly recommended.

If you wanna experience the wonderful underwater world that awaits you around the world then Thailand is a great place to start! Getting your PADI Open Water Diver certification means you’ll be able to go diving the same or next day at most places on the planet. Getting certified takes more than just adequate swimming skills and good health, you’ll also be tested about what you learn to ensure you’re fit and knowledgeable enough to go diving.

Considering you’re basically learning how to breathe and function underwater, the scuba lessons you’ll learn in this course can literally save your life and the lives of others. You’ll learn the fundamental skills needed for diving during the course by reading, watching videos, taking quizzes, and demonstrating your basic scuba diving skills to your instructor.

padi open water scuba certification in thailand

Scuba Lessons Overview

Regardless of where you end up getting certified, if it’s with PADI or another reputable scuba certification school then the routine will generally be the same. Since there are already minimum requirements established, each school will make sure you learn whats required for you to pass the written and instructor-led tests. My 3-dayd Open Water Certification course was only 10,000 baht and consisted of in-class written and video testing from the manual as well as practicing in a pool to learn about using the equipment.

We completed most of the testing our first day so you’ll need to plan on spending your entire first-day training and testing. The following days we headed out on a boat to Sail Rock in the Gulf of Thailand and ended up doing 3 dives with Whale Sharks and it was awesome!

Scuba Diving Preparation

If you’ve never even gone snorkeling, want to learn as much as possible before traveling to do your on-site equipment testing you can use the PADI online scuba development training services. There are three options which will allow you to train and even test for the written testing materials. These options include taking the course online, on your tablet, or via the on-site written tests.

PADI Open Water Certification Training

padi open water scuba certification koh phangan

The PADI Open Water Certification training is broken up into three sections for your instructor to cover the most important information needed for mastering the your basic scuba skills. Your training can begin either online as mentioned above or on location when you’re in actually physically in Thailand. The written testing can be submitted online or in person but the most important stuff you’ll learn with hands-on demonstrations and practice.

underwater scuba lessons in thailand

I think the training you’ll receive from your instructor when being taught how to use your equipment is the most valuable. This portion of the testing is typically performed in a closed water environment like a pool where it’s safe and easy for you to learn. Next, you’ll put your skills to the test in the open water, spending your first dive demonstrating the basic skills you’ve learned with other students in the class.

scuba diving lessons in thailand

In the PADI Open Water Diver course, you’ll learn how to use basic scuba gear like a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device and air tank.  You’ll also learn valuable information like the safe ascent rate, underwater hand communications and much more.

PADI Open Water Certification Video

Scuba Lessons for PADI Open Water Certification in Thailand

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