Kawasan Falls Cebu Philippines

Traveling to Kawasan Falls on the Beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines is one of the best decisions you can make if you’re planning on traveling to the area. Located about 3-4 hours south of Cebu I would recommend taking  bus 5 at south terminal in Cebu city at around 4 or 5am so you can make it to Moalboal by around 8 or 9am.

I would recommend you get a hotel or room in Moalboal as there are many options there compared to Kawasan, you can then rent a motorbike for 500 pesos or less and drive about 30 minutes or so to Kawasan or take a bus or trike (motorcycle taxi with passenger cabin). Also, Moalboal is very beautiful and has a excellent beach and other location attractions to visit I will write another post about.

After you park and pay 10 pesos (for parking if you drove a motorbike) then you can just follow the river up from the road, which is shallow and crystal clear surrounded by all the tropical beauty you may have come to expect from pictures.

When you get to the first and most popularly posted falls, there will most likely be many tourists in orange life jackets (which are required to swim there as well if you are canyoneering). You are free to swim and take selfies etc but there are two more falls if you continue up the trail further, hiking around and above the main fall where the restaurant and bamboo raft is.

kawasan falls

The second falls are more secluded and have some excellent photo opportunities above the main falls as well as on a bridge before the next falls.

When you make it up to these set of falls there are many great locations for pics and also a rope swing you can use to dive in from the opposite site of the water from where you enter the area. There is an additional set of falls higher up but is usually only explored by people in canyoneering groups. We spent our time here enjoying every minute until it became dark out and was closing down are around 6 or 7pm. Even on the way out you will see many beautiful spots for pics and the crystal clear blue waters will still take your breath away even at night.

If you’re traveling to Cebu, Kawasan falls are a must see and are conveniently located in the southern area of the island where you can spend a few days swimming with whale sharks, climbing mountains and visiting other waterfalls I will write about later. Bottom line, this is a place to make great memories whether you are traveling alone, with friends or someone special.

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