Thailand Drone Insurance

Plan A: Public Liability Application for Drone

I wanted to make this Thailand Drone Insurance post and video as a follow-up to my NBTC Drone Registration and prior to my CAAT or Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand registration. This Insurance will be cover damage up to 1,000,000 Thai baht as require by Thailand’s drone regulation and includes drones that weigh 2kg or less. Hope this helps and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Visit or Download this English PDF.

1. Please fill in “The Insurance Application Form Plan A” as attached with this mail.
Scan clearly and save as pdf file, name: 1. Insurance Application.pdf
2. Please take photos of your drone on a clear background as follows:

2.1 Long shot from the front, to see the whole unit with propeller and battery.

Save as jpg file, name: 2.1 drone long shot.jpg

2.2 Close up shot serial number clearly to see them.
Save as jpg file, name :     2.2 drone serial no.jpg
3. Copy of receipt or proof of your drone purchases show the date of purchase,
Value etc, on a white  A4 photocopy. With your signature.
Scan clearly and save as pdf file, name: 3. Receipt.pdf
4. Copy of your passport on white A4 photocopy with a sentence
” I assure that I have the ability to control unmanned aircraft perfectly”   With your signature.
Scan clearly and save as pdf file, name: 4. Passport .pdf
5. Please email all documents  to   [email protected]  with Transfer slip for insurance policy Plan A – 3,000 THB
Transfer to bank account name: Charoonsak Sukawatano
Siam Commercial Bank
Account number :  025-2-27861-1

6. After payment, please allow us 3-5 working days to process your insurance policy. Soft copy of your insurance policy will be sent to you first, by email at that time. Hard Copy will be sent by post-office to your address (in Thailand only) within 2-3 week.

Thailand Drone Insurance Registration Video

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