Volcan Ilopango Lake El Salvador

Volcan Ilopango Lake is a hidden gem located outside of San Salvador El Salvador, with picturesque views of the massive volcanic crater.

Where is Volcan Ilopango located?

The Ilopango volcanic lake is an 8×11 km wide caldera outside of San Salvador city, El Salvador. It’s located in the East of the country and has walls that are, has 150-500 m high walls. Within these volcanic walls is one of the largest lakes in all of El Salvador, Lago Ilapango.

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What type of volcano is Ilopango?

Ilopango is a caldera that formed around 260 A.D. A Caldera is a large volcanic crater, especially one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano. 

When did Ilopango volcano last erupt?

The last time this volcano erupted was around 450 AD in the 5th century.

Where did I Stay in San Salvador?

At this point in my trip, I was hosted by a sweet local family from Couchsurfing, where Iris (an accomplished Designer) and her lovely mother Hilda (a Math Teacher) let me spend a few days with them. During my stay, we went to Playa San Blas and Lake Ilopango together! Along with their kind friend Javier, they were all just nice and truly made my trip to El Salvador amazing! I just had to share about this because I feel like Salvadoreans and many other Central American countries get kind of a bad wrap sometimes in the media.  While you’re at it, try a Pupusa!
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What’s a Pupusa?

A pupusa is one of El Salvador’s most popular and famous cuisine. These thick rice flour tortillas are usually stuffed with chopped pork, cheese, beans, zucchini, and other vegetables. Mine was stuffed with cheese and was delicious with a little squirt of salsa on top!

How is a pupusa made?

Pupusas are made from masa dough which is the base for tortillas, tamales and other Latin cooking staples. They are usually served with curtido, a wonderfully crunchy and tangy cabbage slaw, and a simple red salsa

Volcan Ilopango Lake

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