Thai Fried Chicken

I spent a month living on Ko Samui and was constantly looking for different places to eat. You quickly find out that not every food cart is good, even more so when you can’t even read the menu so you don’t even know what you are ordering sometimes. I spent a month on the southwest side past Lamai Beach, about 7 kilometers south of Chaweng beach where the majority of food and nightlife activities reside.

Before 2pm and after 10 made it difficult to find good food to eat as places would pop up one day and  not be there the next. One solution I found to this problem was this woman’s food stand where she prepared the most delicious fried chicken I have ever had! I am from the United States, so I have had Kentucky Fried chicken, Popeyes, Louisiana and other soul food variations. When I first smelled the food I recognized the scent right away, but thought my senses had decieved me, maybe I was just THAT hungry and my stomach was confused. As I approached this stand with many locals standing around bagging up their food I soon found freshly cooked chicken pieces arranged on dripping pans on her stand.

I waited until it was my turn and then hand picked the pieces I wanted. The lady then bags them up for you and then sprinkles a bunch of delcious crispy things with it. At first I thought, oh god, are these fried feathers!? Turns out they were thin sliced and fried onion shavings, which when paired with the crispy chicken and amazing sweet and spicy sauce they give you on the side with a scoop of rice I was completely content!

Returning to my room to watch news I did’nt understand while eating a meal I will never forget (and have a few more times before leaving the island) I decided to share this experience with all of you by recording a quick video. Enjoy!

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