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So I ended up spending my Saturday afternoon chillaxing between a couple palm trees at Surin Beach in my awesome new parachute travel hammock from Nomads Adventure Gear! This full-size double hammock was an excellent addition to my traveling adventure gear arsenal. Outside of purchasing tech equipment to create quality content, I also like to invest in quality traveling and outdoor equipment like this super comfortable taffeta parachute nylon hammock.

travel hammock

I was immediately pleased by the portability of this hammock for my future travel adventures, plus it has its own built-in bag for self-storage so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Plus, being located in the middle of the hammock on the side, it conveniently doubles as a holder for a beer or other miscellaneous stuff.

The taffeta material is so soft and quiet as compared to other cheaper nylon or plastic fabric hammock materials. Another benefit of this material is that it’s breathable, meaning it won’t cause you to get all sweaty and uncomfortable or if you’re wet it will allow you to dry off instead of pooling the water on the inside which usually also causes a mess.

Having met the owner in person and discussed his passion for his products and lifestyle, having summited some of the highest mountains in the world, he knows exactly what adventurers are into and also what they need in their gear. The entire material and design from the wiregate carabiners and special triple stitched straps. These straps are superior to other brand and particularly to a rope, which actually cuts into and can kill trees which have led to them being banned in many National Parks.

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The bottom-line is if you are an adventurer and traveler like me and you want not only an amazing quality product but also one that’s environmentally conscious then this brand is the one for you. I also love that these are all backed by a lifetime guarantee and ship to 15 countries for free, including anywhere in the United States! (American Company).

Parachute Travel Hammock by Nomads Adventure Gear

“Everyone loves to watch a bumble bee. That fat little creature that manages to fly all around your backyard leaving you to ponder,  “How on earth are they able to fly?”  We are amused by these lovable bees so much that we have named a hammock after them.

Our Expedition Hammocks are all eleven feet long to provide that extra room for a good nights sleep whether in the backyard or on a thru-hike of your favorite trail.  All Nomads Adventure Gear hammocks come standard with wire gate carabiners instead of being an upgrade.  The wire gate carabiners don’t have sharp edges like other carabiners that can snag and tear your hammock keeping you from having to sleep on the cold hard ground.

Our hammocks are made from soft but durable 70D (1.9oz) taffeta parachute nylon you can rest easy knowing you are in a hammock that is made to last.  Go solo or climb in with that special someone.   This hammock has more than enough room for two.”

Hammock Features

Dimensions: 11′ X 6’6″ (3mX2M)
Capacity: 400lbs (180kg)
Weight:  21oz  (.68kg)
Material:  100% 70D (1.9oz) Taffeta Parachute Nylon
Warranty:  Ridiculously Crazy Lifetime Warranty.

WireGate Carabiners Are Standard Not An Upgrade

We only use wire gate carabiners.  Most of our competitors offer wire gate carabiners as an upgrade.  The average carabiner that most companies use will have a sharp edge on the bar in the gate.  These edges can snag and tear your hammock.  If you have hiked three hours into the wilderness to camp, and then discover a tear in your hammock due to the carabiner, that lifetime warranty doesn’t mean a thing.  You’ll be sleeping on the ground that night.  Our wire gate carabiners don’t have the sharp edges and thus reduces the risk to your hammock.

double hammockOur Hammocks Are True Double Hammocks

We want you to love our hammocks.  That’s why we meet or exceed industry norms.  There isn’t a legal definition of what can be called a double hammock.  But there are industry norms.  The industry norm for a double hammock is six foot or more.  Our hammocks are a full six and a half feet wide.  We are a true double hammock.  That is 78” (2M).  If you look closely at what many are selling as a double hammock you will see that they are calling a 55” (1.4m) wide hammock a double hammock.  Oh, you will notice the difference. We give you that extra two feet because we know that double means big enough for two.

travel hammockWe Love Trees, and Hope You Do Too
We encourage responsible hammocking. Today more and more campgrounds, campuses, national parks, and city parks are banning the use of hammocks due to damage to trees.  The use of ropes to hang a hammock can damage trees.  Sure you can use ropes and in the morning look and say it was only minimal damage.  However, most hammockers choose the same trees and eventually, everyone’s minimal damage produces a severely damaged tree.  Our Trek Straps hug the tree instead of cutting into it like a rope.  To promote responsible hammocking we neither provide ropes nor endorse the use of ropes. We love trees, and we hope you do too.

Nomadic Travel Hammock

I hope this post helps answer some question regarding selecting an appropriate travel hammock with all the right features for you and your friends. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or DM me on my Instagram.

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