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Sinulog Festival

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Sinulog Festival

The Sinulog Festival is one of the most magical and amazing cultural experiences I have ever had! The entire island of Cebu shuts down and everyone congregates around the city center where people march, chant and follow the famous floats and parade. All over the place people are cheering “Viva Pit Senyor” while tossing handfuls of colored powders on people. The environment is full of fun and cheerfulness with smiles all around. If you have never been to the Philippines or to Sinulog in particular then we will cover some of the basics and background for this incredible annual festival.

sinulog festival

What is the Sinulog Festival?

Sinulog is a magnificent festival celebrated by Filipinos and other fellow Asians for over 30 years! The festival is held on the third Sunday of every year in January in the city of Cebu. This festival has grown in popularity and recognition internationally and is considered by many as the “Mother of all Festivals”. The primary focus of the event is centered around celebrating “Pit Senyor” or “Santo Niño” (Child Jesus).

This event has embodied the religious belief and hopes of the people for hundreds of years. Historically speaking, after a failed Spanish expedition colonization attempt on April 27, 1565 by Miguel López de Legazpi  he set fire to the coastal town of Cebu, destroying over 1500 homes and killing 500 people. According to local legend, the widely venerated miracle of “Santo Niño” or “Pit Senyor” is the result of the surviving Filipino ancestors finding a completely unscathed sculpture of the baby jealous under the burned remains of the Catholic Church.

What to Expect at Sinulog

“One Beat, One Dance, One Vision. Cebu – City of Culture” was the theme adopted for the 2012 Sinulog Festival. There will be music, there will be dancing, and there will be fun! With the celebration’s evolution, the Sinulog Festival has become a month-long tradition in Cebu. The most-awaited being the Sinulog Grand Parade which is held on the 15thday of January or third Sunday of the month.

With continued growth in popularity and international awareness, this festival has grown to include more than just dancing and costumes. There are historical art exhibits, beauty pageants, photo contests, fireworks,  singing and dancing contests. This is a very impressive Filipino cultural experience. If you want to enjoy more than just the beaches and tropical islands and want to learn more about the history of the people in the Philippines then try to coordinate your trip for this time of year. As a result of the festivals fame the city of Cebu been recognized as the “City of Culture” by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The parade starts south toward the South of the city and makes its way to the Fuente Osmeña Cir near the city center. The entire city will be shut down and there will literally be thousands of people walking the streets. Pretty much everyone in the Philippines speaks English and they are all so happy and friendly. If you’re traveling alone like I was then you may want to make some friends like I did when I met the most beautiful girl in the world ; ).

City of Cebu

Being that I’m 1/4 Filipino, coming here has always been a dream of mine. I absolutely fell in Love with the Philippines and the people of Cebu but there was one girl in particular whom I will never forget, she stood out in a crowd of 10,000 people. Her friend was a fun animated little character yelling “Pit Senyor” at everyone until she lost her voice. No wonder the people of the Philipppines are considered some of the nicest people in the world.

The parade starts in the south of the city and makes its way to the Fuente Osmeña Cir near the city center. The entire city will be shut down and there will literally be thousands of people walking the streets. Pretty much everyone in the Philippines speaks English and they are all so happy and friendly.It also gets super crowded the closer you are to the parade so if you are with other people try and hold hands and form a chain to keep track of each other and also make your way through the crowds easier.

Due to widescale partying and crime, the post Sinulog festivities have been shut down by the Government. But after dancing, singing and walking all day going home was a good idea. Since there are so many people congregating in one area the Government also disables cellular communications in the City, presumably to deter terrorist attacks and ability to communicate. This makes it even more important to keep track of your friends.

sinulog festivalEverything about this festival and the Philippines was so incredible that I am considering going again this January. If you have any questions leave a comment below or follow me on instagram @nomadicnava, and subscribe to my Youtube.com/nomadictravel.


Best Phuket Viewpoint

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Best Phuket Viewpoint

If you’re planning on visiting Patong Beach then you may also be interested in one of the best places to catch a sunset at the local Wassa Homemade Bar Phuket viewpoint. This place provides an amazing 180° view of the entire Patong Beach area. You can even see Paradise on the other side of the bay. Located off Hasip-Pee Road on your way to Patong if you are coming from anywhere southeast of the island and offers the most breathtaking views of Phuket’s west coast.

Phuket Viewpoint

Best Phuket Viewpoint

The road to get here will eventually lead you to a very steep and narrow road which can be challenging for newer motorbike riders so drive cautiously. Once you reach the top the view and the drinks will reward you for your efforts. There is really no other view like it in Phuket or of Patong. Other amazing viewpoints include windmill point and Laem Prom Thep Cape as well as the Rang Hill Viewpoint overlooking Phuket Old Town.

Phuket ViewpointThis lovely little family run establishment serves drink and music for visitors looking for a relaxing tree-lined panoramic view of the beach. The location is split into three areas. The main area is where the bar is located at the top near the parking lot, then maybe 10 meters to the right on the hillside is a chill viewing deck and then a third level lower down with additional seats and chairs.

Phuket ViewpointThis place is mainly for the view so don’t expect any lavish food and drinks. They serve up a pretty standard basic bar menu with beers and drinks for around the same price you will find down in Patong or on Bangla Road for around 100 baht per small beer and up for cocktails.Phuket ViewpointUnfortunately, they do NOT allow drone footage so don’t even try…like I did, lol. They will immediately request that you not do it for insurance reasons so please respect this as a no-fly zone. I got some pretty amazing regular photography shots though. Other than that, the views are breathtaking and its really nice to see the beauty of Patong without all the crowds. This place is totally worth it a visit if you’re planning on visiting us here in Phuket.

Wassa Bar Address

Location: 50 Pee Road, Patong Beach

Open: 4 pm – 12 am

Phone: 091 882 9322

How to Get There

The best way to go to Wassa Bar is probably by motorbike but a Tuk Tuk might be able to get you there. You will need to reach the back road called 50 Pee Road, which is accessible from Pisitgoranee road, then up the hill!

Please share this if you liked it and leave me a comment if you have any questions. You can also follow and message me on Instagram at Nomadicnava. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for future posts.






instagram influencers

How To Become Top Instagram Influencers

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How To Become Top Instagram Influencers

Wondering how you take your marketing to the next level and become top Instagram Influencers? You’ve probably heard of the term influencer marketing and it actually isn’t limited to Instagram only, but being that ig is the #1 platform for influencer marketing we will focus on that while also covering other valuable information. Since influencer marketing is now considered to be one of the most effective methods of marketing, it’s advisable to take some of the recommendations we will cover into consideration.

instagram influencers

How To Become Top Instagram Influencers

Influencer Marketing

Take a look at some of these stats to help you understand this better:

  • 69% of marketers consider influencer marketing effective
  • 73% of marketers claim it’s a good source for lead generation
  • 76% say it boosts customer loyalty
  • 93% says it builds brand awareness

These stats show how important influencer marketing has become for businesses in almost every niche and you can use this information too brand yourself and make yourself more marketable. If you want to become top Instagram influencers or an influencer on any social media network then keep reading.

Instagram is the number 1 Influencer marketing platform, followed by Youtube, Snapchat (for now), Pinterest, and Twitter. As an Instagram Influencer, you have the ability to cater your image and ideas to your audience and clients. When you think of famous influencers that you may have seen on TV some good examples are Peyton Manning or Kylie Jenner, they are successful because they are well-known celebrities giving them the ability to influence peoples opinion on products and services.

The great thing about influencer marketing is that you don’t have to be an international superstar to become a profitable influencer marketer, you just have to be able to establish a following and engagement in your niche and then present that information to potential clients in a meaningful and marketable way.

Influencer Marketing Benefits

Companies are no longer denying the effectiveness of a good influencer marketing campaign so if you can leverage your audience and find the right products and services to partner with that are inline with your online image then chances are good that you can make it happen. Your presentation is important, you will need to inform the company of the value they will receive when choosing to work with you and remind them what other marketers already agree on.

  • It’s the most cost-effective channel for marketing
  • It helps you gain access to a larger audience base
  • It’s an effective way to win over a new target audience
  • It’s more authentic than traditional advertising
  • It’s effective for building trust

You can say these are plenty of ways in which your business can directly benefit from influencer marketing, but that they’ll only experience them all firsthand once you start working with you.

instagram influencers

Why Become an Influencer?

Becoming a Social Media Influencer can be quite lucrative, not only can you get free products and services, but cash money and affiliate residuals as well. The benefits depend on the company and partnership plan you have set-up, but the potential is out there, you just need to start marketing. Today’s consumer market no longer pays attention to generic old-fashioned advertising and rely more on influencers who have credibility and who they can relate to.

If an Instagram influencer or Youtuber has a specific product the potential customer is considering buying, not only is a pre-purchase walkthrough from someone else who has the same product important but it also makes the experience more personal. Additionally being able to like and comment on with the possibility of the person responding to your questions or comments can further improve the companies product loyalty and brand awareness. This also creates a relationship between the customer and influencer for the company to leverage later for future promotions of similar products or services.

instagram influencers

How Difficult Is It To Become an Influencer?

You know they say that failure is the best teacher, and I would rather fail and continue learning and improving than to never even try. There are many obstacles to overcome when attempting anything new, but that is also part of what makes new experiences and possibilities so exciting if there is a market for it and you can present yourself properly to the right people or businesses then its just a matter of time until you land your first gig.

This may be just a 5% discount where you get a percentage of the proceeds and not an all-inclusive weekend at a 5-star resort, but we all have to start somewhere and I guarantee once you get that first commission the reality and potential of your hard work will start to materialize.

With the right pitch and proper presentation, some of the most difficult challenges may not even be about finding the clients but more about metrics like:

  • Finding the right engagement tactics
  • Campaign performance measurements
  • Finding the right budget

instagram influencers

Influencer Media Kit

An important part of the process of becoming an influencer is not only building an audience with engagement but about your own presentation. Eventually, once you start to have the pieces falling into place with your following you are going to need to take some time compiling information and making it presentable to potential clients. I used information from within my Instagram Analytics dashboard as well as this site called gabstats.com.

They will provide you in-depth information on your likes, followers, and engagements over a period of time you select so that you can present it in an easy and informative way. Make sure to highlight your audience reach and potential advertising opportunities for the products and services you are looking to promote.

instagram influencersBelow is an example Social Media Influencer Media Kit that I created last night just for this article, I may also test it out by sending it to some hotels and services in Japan prior to my trip here in a couple weeks. Although I don’t have “1 Million combined likes or followers”, depending on my rates or what I am requesting as well as what the company is willing to offer in proportion to their perceived value I may still end up getting some pretty sweet deals and the only way I will find out is if I start marketing myself. Not only will this open me up to new possibilities but it will also help me then improve as I go and as I grow.

instagram influencers

How To Become Top Instagram Influencers

I hope you found this information useful and I will be updating this information and the success of my attempts in future posts so make sure to follow along by subscribing to my blog and following me on Instagram @nomadicnava. I will leave you with these two quotes:

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” – Gena Showalter


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instagram influencers

Instagram Influencers Resources

The Grand Royal Bangkok Palace

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The Grand Royal Bangkok Palace

The Grand Bangkok Palace in Bangkok is without a doubt one of the most impressive spectacles in bkk and no tourist trip is complete without visiting this famous landmark. Depending on where you are coming from in the Bangkok Metropolitan area you can get here by tuk-tuk, ferry (for only 12 baht) or by foot. The Grand Palace Bangkok hours go from 8:30am until 3:30 pm. You should plan on it being very hot and crowded but none-the-less, well worth the visit.

The Grand Royal Bangkok Palace

the grand royal bangkok palace

This location was originally built in 1782 as the Royal court and administrative seat of the government and also served as the home of the King for 150 years. The beautiful architecture and history here continue to draw crowds of visitors from all over the world with the intricate detail and creative craftsmanship of the Thai people. Today the complex serves as the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom but was once also the Thai war ministry, state departments and mint combined.

bangkok palace

The Grand  Bangkok Palace Layout

The layout and orientation of this complex are similar to how Ayutthaya which was the former capital of Siam prior to being raided by the Burmese. The outer court used to house the government departments of the King who was directly involved with civil administration, the army and treasury.

bangkok palace

Also located in this complex is The Temple of the Emerald Buddha also known as Wat Phra Kaew. is located in one corner of this outer court. The Kings halls used for conducting business were located in the Central Court. The inner court was like a small city and was entirely populated by women and small boys prior to puberty. The Grand Palace and Emerald temple blend together almost seamlessly transitioning from Thai design to European inspired architecture.

bangkok palaceOther highlights are Boromabiman Hall and Amarinda Hall, the original residence of King Rama I and the Hall of Justice where I was not supposed to take any pictures or video but managed to sneak one in before being told “no pictures” by the several guards and signs inside.

bangkok palaceThe Central Court is where the residence of the King and halls used for conducting state business were located. Only two of the throne halls are open to the public, but you’ll be able to marvel at the exquisite detail on the facades of the architecture.

bangkok palace

If you plan on visiting The Grand Royal Bangkok Palace then plan on wearing at least a t-shirt especially for women as you must cover your cleavage and shoulders. Men also cannot wear tank tops and both must wear a sorang or pants that cover past your knees. As you can see after living in Thailand for almost 1 year now I finally had to buy some of these super comfy but extra touristy pair of elephant pants for 100 baht to enter. If you end up in a similar situation you can buy some directly across the street from the main entrance. Also, the Grand Palace Bangkok entry fee visit the palace for a farang or foreigner is 200 baht.

bangkok palaceThanks for reading, I hope you found this information useful and please feel free to ask me for any questions or advice. You can dm me on Instagram @nomadicnava and check out more posts here.


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