I left the United States with no idea what I was getting myself into and here I am 3 months into traveling around the world. I just knew I needed a really big change in my life and that everything I thought I was working towards in my relationship and my life was not really making me happy or coming together like I thought it should. I decided to buy a one way ticket to Thailand to start a trip  by myself.

Koh Samui

I wanted to gain some new perspective and let go of everything I was working so hard to hold onto. I soon discovered living abroad that much like life at home, not everything is as it appears. Some lessons in life are not just meant to break you down but also give you an opportunity to build yourself back up and be better. Other lessons like love and relationships become cyclical and you begin to learn and see through people and their ulterior motives. I am now over 3 months into tho journey and have experienced a myriad of joy and harships, many lessons, friends, lovers, companions and confidants. Old friends coming back into your life and now ones claiming to be part of it. This is my journey.

I started this trip in Thailand because it was a country I had already traveled extensively, and like most people that visit here, I fell in love with everything it has to offer. I originally came here with a position working as an independent contractor for an American who was starting up a getaway educational exchange program. After working for him for a month and starting to see a lot of things not adding up I started becoming skeptical of my work and the way he ran his business further reinforced my suspicions, Eventually, he changed my payment status to commission only, shorty after I decided to part ways and go out on my own. I ended up picking up some freelance web design work for a couple local businesses and happily completed my work. It was during this time, about 1 and a half months into my trip that I had fallen in love with someone on Koh Phangan, and the impending crisis that would arise and I would eventually recover from would then unfold.

Koh Phangan

Green Bowl Beach, Bali

I moved from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan to be closer to the person who had promised so much but eventually fell very short of the many expectations that the game of love presents us throughout our life. Its funny how easy it is to believe someone until things one day change unexpectedly. Im not going to cover much on this, and she will occasionally arise im my social media or throughout other posts but just like many lessons in life, its better we learn from them than continue to be hurt or hold onto the past. I will briefly explain that prior to my unfortunate discover of my unfaithful friend, Thai girls as a whole have a pretty bad reputation to live up. They are beautiful and used to flocks of tourist men coming and going year round, offering them anything under the sun and spoiling them beyond belief. So I had ample warnings form older men and colleagues who told me stories of women getting everything put in their name (since no foreigner can own property in Thailand) and then eventually divorcing the guy, leaving him high and dry while keeping everything. This wasn’t necessarily the case with me, but being lied to was hard enough.

Two and a half months later and after my emotional breakdown, I had to leave Thailand and get away from the memories of someone who didn’t matter anymore. I flew myself to Bali and made a great friend with an awesome Balinese girl. We spent two weeks traveling all over the island together, seeing countless waterfalls and monkeys. Temples and Om Ganesh became routine. Life was good on Bali, suprisingly affordable and so many positive experiences. I didn’t get to swim with Whale Sharks here like I did in Thailand but it presented an entirely different set of experiences that I hold dear to my heart. If you can ever make it to Bali, or if you need to get over someone, GO THERE, its incredible!

Pura Batu Bolong

Ankor Wat

At 3 months it was time to catch-up to my previously arranged flight and hotel plans and fly to Cambodia. I can start off by saying this, Siem Reap is pretty awesome, for like 3-5 days. After visiting incredible temples and pub street, it all quickly became quite boring.

Like many things in life, too much of any one good thing becomes too much, so after a few nights of $.50 draft beers, loud music and wild girls I began buckling back down on my blog, videos, freelance and travel plans. I am now planning on another 6-9 months of travel and have learned an incredible amount about myself, about others and about life. I don’t have any regrets and am looking forward to the future. I remain optimistic in my endeavors and am tying to make this more than just a long term vacation. If anyone has any questions or wants me to elaborate on anything I didn’t cover in this post then please let me know.

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