I used tinder plus for the first couple months of this 1 year world trip and have made some REALLY awesome friends on TInder! Honestly, if it wasn’t for my Tinder friends I am not sure I would have made it to half the places I have gone! Plus, traveling solo gets boring and lonely so I made this video to help anyone make the most of the free version of Tinder that only lets you swipe people in your current location.

This video walkthrough I made will show you the steps to HACK your Tinder location settings and swipe or make friends with people with anyone anywhere on the planet!

For changing location :-

Download Fly gps form the play store Fly GPS-Location fake/Fake GPS – Android Apps on Google Play
Now go to developer options (you can turn on developer options by clicking build number several times , just go to about phone section in the settings ) ,After going to developer options turn on mock location, and set Fly gps as mock location app .
After you do this , open your Tinder , minimise it ,open Fly gps app select location where you wanna Look out for profiles , Select GPS Service run then FIXED LOCATION MODE And after this open tinder and you will be in your selected Region .. If this doesn’t work then select Move location mode and just Rotate the joystick And it will work .

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