Saving Dogs at Soi Dog Foundation

I have always been passionate about saving dogs and cats, helping any way I can and fully believe they should be treated with love and affection. Unfortunately, many people in the world do not share these sentiments which leads to neglect, abuse and sometimes even torture and other extremely unacceptable actions by humans. Thankfully, organizations like the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket Thailand exist.

saving dogs at Soi Dog

saving dogs at Soi Dog

I went for Volunteer Orientation and plan on helping out with their program when I get back from China. I took a couple couchsurfers from the UK who were staying for a couple nights and they loved it! Soi Dog Foundation was established in 2003 in Phuket Thailand to help the street dogs and cats who had no-one else to care for them.Soi Dog was created to provide a humane and sustainable solution to managing the stray population and to address their medical needs. Funding then, as it is now, came entirely from individuals who shared, and continue to share, the vision of the founders.

About Soi Dog Foundation

To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty. Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered the charitable organisation in Thailand.

Soi Dog spays and neuters street animals to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens being born into short lives of suffering, along with the rescue, vaccination, medical treatment, sheltering, and adoption of those that cannot be returned to their territory.
Soi Dog spays/neuters and vaccinates tens of thousands of street dogs and cats

Every year, Soi Dog spays/neuters and vaccinates tens of thousands of street dogs and cats in Phuket, Bangkok, and other provinces of Thailand, and has to date sterilised more than 199,000 animals.  We are conducting a series of mobile sterilisation clinics across the Bangkok metropolitan area, home to approximately 640,000 street dogs. This project will eventually comprise ten mobile clinics and will take an estimated seven years to complete.

Not only do they campaign for animal welfare by working with the Asia Canine Protection Alliance, but they are actively fighting the Asian dog meat trade and thanks to overwhelming support from people, the trade has been almost completely wiped out in Thailand. They continue to campaign for an end to the trade in South Korean, Vietnam, and other south-east Asian countries where it is prevalent.

Donate, Adopt,  Sponsor or Volunteer

It’s actually difficult for me to look at some of the images and content I am referencing for this post to share with you but I have to fight back the tears and be strong for these animals to help promote their welfare and help end their senseless suffering. There are many things you can do, if you live in Thailand around any of their partner shelters or in Phuket like me then you can volunteer as much or as little as you can. If I could adopt here I would but my condo does not allow animals and I also travel too much. It has always been a dream of mine and my moms to own some property where we can rescue and house animals.

It’s amazing how sweet these dogs are, even after enduring so much hardship and abuse to still trust humans and let me get close to all of them was a truly humbling and heartwarming experience and I can’t wait to go spend more time with them. The main goal for volunteers is socializing with the dogs to make them more comfortable with humans, spend time with them walking and feeding them. If this is something you may be interested in then you can check out volunteering here or email [email protected].


International adoptions are common for the dogs and cats at the Soi Dog Foundation, making up over 50% of their adoptions annually. If you plan on adopting a cat or dog you just need to complete an adoption interview from an approved volunteer. Once you are approved, you can get your new fur friend by either travelling as cargo or as an accompanied baggage with a flight volunteer. You can see some of the incredible dogs who are ready for adoption here.

Soi Dog takes care of all the arrangements – you simply need to collect your pet from the airport. Their Adoptions team will walk you through the process. For more information on adopting as well as additional information for other countries not listed in this post then you can see more here.

Typical Travel Costs

(Excluding flight crate and blood tests where necessary)


Dog Cargo Cost: USD 695–1200; Timescale: around 1 month | Flight Volunteer Cost: USD 400–600; Timescale: 1–2 months

Cat Cargo Cost: USD 400–800; Timescale: around 1 month | Flight Volunteer Cost: USD 250–600; Timescale: 1–2 months


You can ensure that the hundreds of dogs at our shelter get the care they need and deserve by sponsoring dogs in the shelter. This helps cover operating costs to care for the hundreds of animals they rescue, treat, house and feed. When you join the Sponsor Club you will also receive regualr updates about the dog you are sponsoring and the progress you are helping the Foundation achieve. You can see more about sponsoring here or email [email protected]


You can also be a huge help by donating supplies for all the cats and dogs including toys, beds, medical supplies, food and more!

There are also various financial donation options you can take. For $12.50 a month feeds one of the dogs for an entire month, $25.00 can fund a life-saving surgery, and $50.00 can vaccinate up to 15 rescued animals.


You can also help the animals and promote your support by purchasing merchandise here, all funds go to the animals and facility costs to house and heal them.

saving dogs


If you want to visit for an orientation and walk-through of the facility here is information about the location and times. Soi Dog’s shelter is in Phuket, Thailand, and is open to visitors Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.00 and again from 13.00 to 15.30. Guided tours run at 09.30, 11.00, 13.30, and 14.30 and do not have to be booked in advance.


The Amazing founders of this incredible organization are a British couple named  John and Gill Dalley who had successful careers in England and then moved to Phuket to retire. It was here that they were inspired to start and initially fund the groundwork for this entire movement. You can read more about them and the back-story of Soi Dog here.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post about Saving Dogs at Soi Dog Foundation. If you have any questions leave a comment below or follow me on Instagram @nomadicnava. I will also include a couple videos about the dogs and cats you can adopt from the time I spent with them on my first visit.

Adopting Dogs from Soi Dog Foundation

Adopting Cats from Soi Dog Foundation

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