Taroko Gorge Itinerary

Taroko National Park in Hualien County Taiwan is an incredible outdoor experience with sketchy narrow roads winding through the mountainside along deep crevasses and semi-tropical forests. After renting a motorbike in Hualien for 600 Taiwan Dollars ($20 USD), I took Google Maps to Taroko National Park. The trip from Hualien to Taroko is about 45 minutes on a motorbike. My Taroko Gorge Itinerary followed a recommended course of intertwining mountainside attractions of Taiwan’s most beautiful countryside.

My trip started shortly after exiting the main road leading me to Guanchang Temple. This Temple has a lying down buddha statue and various other enlightened displays.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

Don’t forget to cross the footbridge and make the steep hike up to the scenic belltower with amazing panoramic views of the valley.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

My next stop was The Eternal Springs Temple, located a short distance from Guanchang through the mountain tunnel and to the left. When driving out here it’s especially important to wear a helmet, not only because its a very damp area with tunnels driving through waterfalls, but also due to the high risk of rock slides and falling rocks.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

One thing you may notice on your way through the Park are the many styles of interesting bridges found throughout.

If you’re a bridge enthusiast then there are plenty of unique and interesting bridges to take pics.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

From hundreds of meters below to smaller more majestic ones, the variation in styles was quite interesting.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

I’m definitely not recommending taking pics like this because I would hate to end up as one of those dead travelers going for the best crazy Instagram pic. Although this was certainly not one of them, I recommend being super careful if you’re feeling a bit adventurous!

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

Swallow Gratto was the next spot after passing through many tunnels and coming to a clearing where you can then dismount and explore on foot. Be cautious of falling rocks when walking on the trail. Park authorities provide hard hats for visitors free of charge.

This gorge is a popular spot for long distance biking enthusiasts, many different groups can usually be seen trekking through the wilderness on their bikes. Talk about an incredible workout! Seasonally you can expect to see thousands of swallows.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

The tunnel of 9 turns and its counterparts are another unique endeavor you’ll encounter on your journey through the breathtaking scenery.  The Grotto trail is interspersed with tunnels and overlooks the narrowest portion of Taroko Gorge where the river is most rapid.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

Tanxiang was the next destination on the way to Baiyang Falls. This was a very peculiar deep mountain temple and town located well beyond the more popular Taroko tourist areas.

This is a great place to stop and admire a classic Buddhist temple topped with a hilltop pagoda.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

Baiyang falls was the last stop on my deep motorbike ride into Taroko National Park but was well worth the effort.

toroko gorge itinerary - Nomadic Travel

At this point, it’s recommended to turn tail and head back to Hualien! At least, if that is where you are staying as I did. At the end of an exhausting and rewarding day like exploring Taroko, that sense of wander can easily become that much more appetizing.

Toroko Gorge Itinerary

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