Las Cabanas El Nido

Las Cabanas El Nido might be one of the most beautiful places on earth, located just 5 to 10 minutes away from one of the most beautiful places on earth! Considering you actually have to pass by this amazing place on your way to get dropped off at El Nido, I am surprised that I have actually spoken to people like my friend who spent 5 days there and didn’t even know about it! What a shame, don’t make the mistake of missing this incredible place.

Las Cabanas El Nido

Las Cabanas Beach actually got its name from the Beach Resort which is the oldest resort in El Nido.

How To Go To Las Cabanas Beach?

  • Trike Taxi: The price for 2 persons is around 150PHP. The trip will take you around 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Motorbike: You can rent a scooter or a motorbike and go to Las Cabanas Beach by yourself but plan on paying 700PHP or more and this is not for 24 hours.

It’s really easy to find Las Cabanas Beach. Just get out of town and take the road following the coastline. You will know you’ve arrived when you see a bunch of tricycle taxis parked on the roadside!

When I first got a glimpse of this place it was on our bus into town and when I first laid my eyes on it I knew we were close to our destination and paradise. This is an amazing place to spend the day sitting at the beach with plenty of photo opportunities from the top and bottom of the hill. The beachside chilling is excellent…

Las Cabanas El Nido

and the sunsets are even better! I definitely recommend catching a sunset here before you go as the sun tends to tuck away behind Depeldet Island.

Las Cabanas El Nido

There are two small bars here too, one located at the bottom of the long stairs down from where the trikes drop you off, and another one located a couple hundred meters away called “The Beach Shack“. This place is cool and also throws some pretty fun Full Moon Parties! So if you are in town during the full moon then head down there, but don’t expect the same experience as the famous Koh Phangnan Full Moon parties.

Las Cabanas El Nido

Las Cabanas El Nido

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